13 staff at Mater Dei Hospital and all residents at Qalisa Retirement Village , were placed in isolation after a male resident (79) died on Saturday

13 staff at Mater Dei Hospital and all residents at Qalisa Retirement Village , were placed in isolation after a male resident (79) died on Saturday
The elderly man, who died on Saturday was a resident at the retirement village. There are efforts to trace more of the people who came into contact with him
Doctors and nurses who were in contact with the patient at Qalisa Retirement Village are in self-isolation. His family lives in in the same Bulawayo suburb.
Zimbabwe’s health officials are keen in examining private doctors, staff at pharmacies, family members, nurse aides and others at Qalisa as well as in Hwange where the deceased visited in Matabeleland North between March 14 and 16 and met some tourists at a lodge in Hwange mining town. Zimbabwe claims that the late resident was the 11th patient to test positive for Covid-19 in the country and the first person in Bulawayo, also the second person to die in Zimbabwe.
However, when a Chronicle news crew visited Mater Dei Hospital on Thursday to assess the situation, the hospital was open. The victim first visited a private doctor in the city before going to Mater Dei Hospital and his contacts list is much wider .
Health workers were closely working with the victim’s family to cremate him in line with public health standards in view of Covid-19 and the procedure should have been done yesterday.
Health care workers, are not obliged to bury a deceased within 24-hours of death as has been proposed by funeral parlours.
Bulawayo Provincial Affairs Minister Cde Judith Ncube said the positive Covid-19 case should be a wake-up call for residents to comply with lockdown measures as Bulawayo residents are clearly ignoring the 21-day lockdown as they are always seen aimlessly moving in Bulawayo central business district and residential areas. more news to follow. Sibusiso Ngwenya

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