150 YEARS AGO DURING THE COLONISATION ERA, the farm masters would leave their spare pairs of specs on a rock and tell the natives, ‘Im sailing back to England for 6 months but my eyes sitting on that rock in the field will be watching you 24/7.

150 YEARS AGO DURING THE COLONISATION ERA, the farm masters would leave their spare pairs of specs on a rock and tell the natives, ‘Im sailing back to England for 6 months but my eyes sitting on that rock in the field will be watching you 24/7. Suffice it is to say, the natives would then wake up daily around 3am to work 12 hours a day in the field , fully believing the specs would be watching everything and report to the master on return…hmn CCTV!
Now the native Zimbabwean authorities have stopped jailed journalist Hopewell Chin’ono from wearing his Covid-19 protective goggles on suspicions they were fitted with spying technology to pry into the goings on within local prisons,..what a load of hog wash by the oppressive militarised Mnangagwa regime.
The Zanu pf government is simply a group of useless people, les you forget, earlier this year at the start of Covid-19, Zimbabwe’s defence minister Oppah Muchinguri called the coronavirus pandemic a “punishment” of the US and Europe for imposing sanctions against members of the ruling regime over human rights abuses.
These are the same natives who were conned by an uneducated medicine woman .,Rotina Mavhunga, who goes by the alias of Nomatter Tagirira, over the so called Chinhoyi Rock Diesel when she managed to have a whole motorcade of senior government officials racing at midnight over 120 km to Chinhoyi to witness rock diesel flowing from the rock at midnight. She even managed to have them dancing barefoot around the mountain, barefoot and chanting as diesel suddenly flowed from rocks….hmn!
The medicine conned President Robert Mugabe’s government out of about US$1-million as ministers witnessed tap diesel fuel flowing from a rock.
Rotina Mavhunga, who goes by the alias of Nomatter Tagirira, found an abandoned fuel tank in the bush near the northern town of Chinhoyi in March 2007 and filled it with diesel, attached a pipe to the outlet and concealed it at the top of a rock, the Chinhoyi Magistrate’s Court heard.
She then summoned the top Zanu pf government officials to witness her “discovery, gave the signal, and her hidden accomplice would open the tap, allowing the rock diesel to flow along the pipe to the officials . The cabinet “task force” dispatched by Mugabe to investigate the claim returned to Harare to declare that Zimbabwe’s persistent fuel shortages were over. Government officials and businessmen lavished money and vehicles on Mavhunga until several months later, when a second group of ministers began to express doubt about the woman’s bona fides.
Judge Ignatius Mugova found Mavhunga guilty of defrauding the government of Z$500-billion in the now disused currency, and of misrepresenting to a public official that she could conjure diesel from a stone, the state-controlled Herald newspaper reported.
The magistrate also named one of the country’s most powerful civil servants, registrar-general Tobaiwa Mudede, as “an interested party” in the fraud.
Mudede, who has run the country’s elections since 2000, had supplied 125 litres of diesel, which the mystic poured down the rock, the judge revealed. When Mavhunga went on the run from police, she was hidden and fed by Mudede, Judge Mugova said.
While finding his behaviour was “disturbing”, the judge said he was not convinced Mudede was acting out of self-interest.
The court heard that many people who visited Mavhunga’s “shrine” were gullible and were clearly frightened of her alleged spiritual power, referring to reports that members of the investigating cabinet task force took off their shoes in her presence.
Her conviction was passed in absentia, as she repeatedly failed to turn up after being served the summons, and was believed to be in hiding,
www.newzimbabwevision.com is convinced that this woman is probably better skilled at running the collapsed Zimbabwe economy than this oppressive militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime…Im just saying!
Lest you forget, these are direct descendants of the generation that came down from the mountains and caves and would chase afer colonisers on bicycles, kill hem, and tie up the bikes onto tree branches so the ‘iron horses’/ bikes would not escape and report to the other colonisers and here we are 150 years later,..still the same school of thought in place,..aren’t we all proud to be called Zimbabwean!
Sibusiso Ngwenya-Herald
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