195 Countries Sign COP 21 Climate Agreement, In France To Protect Our Planet

As the impact of climate change has become globally obvious, after almost two decades, negotiators have come up with a historic agreement that is celebrated worldwide as one which will go along way towards saving the plane by limiting gas emissions and committing to moving to a non fossil fuel future. The COP21 summit in Paris on climate change has reached a ground breaking deal with 195 countries and the Europian Union (EU) signing a partly legal and partly voluntary pact to adopt the decision entitled Paris Agreement.

This is a massive effort to which the signatories commit their nations to limiting the rise in global warming temperatures to less than 2 degrees celsius. At least US$65 Billion will be provided annually by developed nations to help the third world nations to limit CO2 emissions and tackle climate change.

Observers say, this is all good intentions, hard work yet not the first time this has happened and there are no mandatory limits to emmissions, or commitment to reductions or financial investments to the initiative to cut pollutions and expensive fossil fuel use, which is silent on strategies to achieve this.
The deal according to OXFAM does not force countries to cut emmissions fast enough to halt global climate changes.

To the discerning eye, whats critical, is for each country, government, people, and industry at both individual and joint levels to look far ahead and step up the fight against gas emissions, fossil fuels use, global warming and a rise in sea water levels, by playing their part and being a key player at all levels.

The deal according to observers is legally binding but not mandatory so this is a lot of hype over nothing. By Sibusiso Ngwenya​
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. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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