HARARE LAKE CHIVERO TOXICITY IS twice, the minimum, acceptable World Health Organisation (WHO) standards, ‘Floaters/raw sewage’

HARARE LAKE CHIVERO TOXICITY IS twice, the minimum, acceptable World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.
How much more risk can one take with their lives, if they actually dare to spend on holiday costs of flight and accomodation to Harare Zimbabwe for the water,..hmn! IF at this moment you are reading this and are eating or about to purchase a take away meal in Harare,..STOP, STOP RIGHT NOW, you are probably about to consume , refined ‘FLOATERS/ RAW SEWAGE’ .
The scale of foolish leadership is no different from false prophets who convince congregants to drink jik, petrol or other chemicals to ward off evil spirits.,.yeah right! Truth be told, those responsible for this mess are the real spirits you need to ward off and all it takes is making amore informed decision, voting wisely and put the interests of your children and descendants first. The planet belongs to everyone and we have a duty of responsibility and care towards the future by stemming pollution, plastic polution and arresting climate change in order to protect the future of all these innocent souls while we still can, as this is the eleventh hour before it becomes irreversible.
It is shocking that, even after treatment, Harare water falls short of World Health Organisation (WHO) stipulated minimum drinking water standards , which are that, water must be odourless and colourless. It is also a great matter of concern that the Harare city council spends an average of US$3 million a month , in a bid to meet World Health Organisation (WHO) . US£3 million spent on , a cocktail of water treatment chemicals which allegedly pose cancer health risks to anyone consuming the water in Harare,…Im just saying!
However, Harare water is turbid, meaning its ‘muddy or hazy, smelly. The water is smelly leading to low water quality. Clearly what many foolishly thought were crocodiles floating past in Harare’s water, were actually ‘FLOATERS/ RAW SEWAGE’ .
On the contrary, Bulawayo decommissioned its Khami Dam facility when it reached similar toxicity levels seven years ago which the capital city Harare is consuming . Bulawayo has cleaner and healthier water for consumption, unlike Harare which tends to at times even have ‘FLOATERS/ RAW SEWAGE’ delivered in water taps.
Zimbabwe has a major problem in that , they hold total lack of concern for human life, health and safety and have no pre-treatment plants , thereby draining toxic products, poisons, non-biodegradable substances and organic matter such as sulphuric acid, caustic soda, ammonium salts, phosphates and sulphates among other organic substances ‘FLOATERS/ RAW SEWAGE’ into the environment whether direct onto land, drainage, rivers or dams.
Siltation is also of great concern as water levels at Lake Chivero have dropped by 10 metres from a depth of 28 metres because of siltation caused by urban agriculture such as stream bank cultivation and effluent from industries and sewer bursts.. It doesnt help that the water purifiers are clogged with algae , hence Harare has its worst water problems in years, attributed to poor rainfall and the shortage of water purification chemicals.
Harare sewer discharge drainsdownstream to its water source Chivero which is down stream to the capital, then e ‘FLOATERS/ RAW SEWAGE’ are pumped into the consumption water for drinking, cooking , canteen hotel, home and takeaway food,…think twice before you drink the Harare city water next time,..never know where its been or whats floating in,…Im just saying! If at this moment you are reading this and are eating or about to purchase a take away meal in Harare,..STOP, you are probably about to consume , refined ‘FLOATERS/ RAW SEWAGE’ ,..cholera delivered to you by tap,…Welcome to Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, enjoy the water,..im just saying!
I have always said, Zanu pf are an evil, blood party. Next time you vote for the draconian, militarised Mnangagwa zanu pf regime, think about all the innocent people murdered through Gukurahundi genocide (20.000 unarmed Ndebeles), Murambatsvina , Chiadzwa and white farmer genocides, cholera, HIV, food shortages, unemployment, beyond reach prices, broad daylight execution by the military shooting civilians, violence, gun, drug crime and all we have in place in the DYSFUNCTIONAL ZIMBABWE SOCIETY.
You only have to look closely at the sociology, culture, health, economics, politics, history and how the relationship between the inequalities impact upon the society for you to understand, the longer you accept the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, the more you normalise the dysfunctional system. Mnangagwa and his Zanu pf must all go! More news to follow. Sibusiso Ngwenya
Photo:The water intake tower in the lake. —herald

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