7 DEAD; 18 HOSPITALISED AFTER PASTOR MADE THEM DRINK JIK , a strong alkaline chemical in church to wash away wash away demons

It is reported in the Zambian media that , a pastor made congregants drink jik on Sunday, a strong alkaline chemical and that causes burning in the mouth, throat and stomach irregular heartbeats, low bloodpressure even chemical pneumonia if it gets into the lungs, along with causing delirium or coma.

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This shocking brainwashing where congregants were convinced to drink the strong, common cleaning agent for sinks, drains, toilets and other , has left 27 people dead after drinking jik in a deliverance service in order to wash away demons and evil spirits tormenting their souls .

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It is also reported that 18 other congregants are hospitalised in critical condition .

Prophets in Southern Africa now commonly brainwash congregants and make them do strange things allegedly to cleanse them of demons and evil spirits. Previously, in South Africa , prophets make people drink petrol and eat grass amongst other foolish things. This is a regular occurance as some pastors convince people with their problems to do the most foolish of things in life, that they would not ordinarily do when they are in the right frame of mind. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya. source bulawayo 24

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