’80 000 Notorius Zanu PF Green Bombers &National Youth Service To be Reactivated’ – Zhuwao


Government is re-activating over 80 000 graduates from the notorious National Youth Service programme “to help in making the economy move” ahead of the 2018 elections.

Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment minister Patrick Zhuwao yesterday said he was looking for alternative sources of funding to train more National Youth Service members, also known as Green Bombers.

“The National Youth Service will be restored and the US$2,5 million we received from Treasury is only enough to train 200 youths, but we are working in conjunction with the National Youth Service Association to find alternative sources to fund the programme,” Zhuwao told a meeting with graduate representatives.

“Everything that I do as a minister is on the back of a mandate given to Zanu PF by the electorate.”

Zhuwao said government would also turn to what he described as a “ground force” to consolidate “the people’s power”.

“We are also working to establish a Youth Secure, Youth Feed and Youth Build Zimbabwe programme for the country. The year 2016 is of consolidating the people’s power and the 80 000-strong force will help us to move the economy. The National Youth Service will become the ground force with which we will be able to move this economy,” Zhuwao said

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu slammed Zhuwao’s plans and accused Mugabe of “preparing for a new terror campaign”.

“Green Bombers are the Zanu PF regime’s stormtroopers in any election period. They are a grouping of brainwashed young political thugs who are fed on a regular diet of Zanu PF propaganda,” Gutu said.

“The Zanu PF regime knows that it has not got a snowball’s chance in hell of winning a free and fair election against the MDC T led by Morgan Tsvangirai. Hence, the regime is already preparing for a terror campaign against opposition political parties in the watershed 2018 harmonised elections.”
Source: Byo24News

photo-nehanda-brutal Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Mainly composed of the notorius ‘Zanu PF Green Bomber graduates’ seen here earlier in 2015 beating the living day lights out of female protesters.

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