A 52-YEAR-OLD Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) soldier in custody in Concession over armed robbery, is ‘mudered’ in hospital

The 52 year old soldier Shelton Marerwa who was remanded in custody last week on his hospital bed to 28 June 2019 at Concession District Hospital , has died after being transferred from Concession hospital to Bindura hospital under Zimbabwe Prison Services and Correctional Services (ZPSCS) watch on Tuesday.
Zimbabwe is now a lawless land of criminal soldiers as Murerwa was part of the eight man strong gang of soldiers armed with loaded pistols who allegedly raided Ocelea mine in Concession last week in a military van and attempted to disarm mine security guards. They informed the guards that they had been deployed by the President’s office.
Seven of the soldiers who are still at large, demanded storeroom keys from security guards stating that the mine fire arms were unlicenced. The guards stood their ground and unleashed dogs upon the soldiers and overpowered the armed soldiers .
The late soldier, Marerwa failed to board the get away van due to injuries sustained in the struggle with the mine guards and he was arrested by the police.
While at Concession district hospital , Marerwa transferred after some soldiers attempted to remove him from the hospital.
Hospital informants stated that “We suspect foul play on the death of the soldier, because from the injuries he sustained he was not supposed to die, some military guys came and tried to forcefully take him and we denied them access after that trial they came other guys who first came with food after visiting hours claiming to be his relatives and when we asked him he said they were his workmates hence we had to transfer him to the provincial hospital, said the official.
Murerwa had already allegedly informed the police that he was part of a contingent of soldiers deployed by a higher office which he was yet to disclose before he died mysteriously in hospital.
This is a very worrying state of affairs for the innocent people of Zimbabwe, although to the discerning mind, it is a vindication of the people’s declaration that Zimbabwe is now a collapsed state. When you have hungry and disgruntled soldiers, lawlessly out on a mission and armed, while even forcibly attempting to steal more guns, it follows that the Presidium is in trouble and it wont be long before one or more disgruntled soldier targets one or more presidium members and senior millitary officials as part of their coming on board the people’s calls for demilitarisation of the failed Zimbabwe state and handing it back to civilian rule. DISCUSS! More news to follow.INFORMATION IS POWER!-Thank you for the support. Please email all your articles, photos and breaking news, to newzimbabwe.vision@yahoo.com ,linkedin.com/in/sibusiso-ngwenya-563a572b or whatsapp to Mr Sibusiso Ngwenya 0044 79 3 9100534 for publication on the constantly growing online groups, currently standing as follows1)Zimbabwe News 4 us Zimbabweans 206,362Members2)ZIMBABWE NEWS, BUILDING A PROSPEROUS POST 2018 VISION 32,224 Members3) New Zimbabwe Vision group 18,708 members4) Newzimbabwevision.com website 22,802 likes22,796 followers.
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