A GURUVE ZIMBABWE WOMAN (29) SCALDED HER HUSBAND WITH HOT water after he caught her being intimate with her boyfriend in an outside toilet..

A GURUVE ZIMBABWE WOMAN (29) SCALDED HER HUSBAND WITH HOT water after he caught her being intimate with her boyfriend in an outside toilet..

www.newzimbabwevision.com says,..not sure what partners male or female expect will be delivered by an angry partner who has been boiling oil or water at that time of the night in such a foul mood. Simply leaving yourself open to hostile action by availing yourself or not seeking immediate support and assistance from police, neighbours, witnesses and all support groups or contacts readily available can mean the difference between living or dying. Its a sad reality but there is never any point in flogging a dead horse,..its dead,..period!

Talent Chinemwamwasa (29) of Nyamuseve village ,Chief Chipuriro Guruve was not asked to plead on domestic violence charge. She was remanded in custody to February 24 as the State, being represented by Carson Kundiona opposed bail citing that complainant is still hospitalized and that accused could interfere with state witnesseses.

According to court papers on February 17 the complanaint Last Muzeza arrived at his homestead around 11pm and realised that his wife was not in the house.

He went round to the outside toilet at the back of the house and saw the door slightly opened.

Muzeza called his wife who shouted saying she had a stomach ache, he then waited for a few minutes and heard funny noises coming from his wife and her boyfriend who were reportedly intimate.

It is further alleged that Muzeza advanced towards the toilet and his wife’s boyfriend bolted out of the toilet and fled in the dark.

His wife also ran away for a few minutes and came back hours later after he had gone to bed.

She knocked at the locked door and Muzeza told her to go back to her boyfriend.

The wife went into the kitchen and boiled water in a tin before seeking help from neighbours.

With the help of neighbours the wife came and knocked on Muzeza’s bedroom window which he opened and started talking to his neighbours.

While talking with neighbours Chinemwamwasa scalded her hubby with boiled water.

Muzeza sustained burns on the face head and stomach and is currently admitted at Guruve general hospital. byo24

ON the 3rd of February 2020, its interesting that we published the following article by Hmetro and today we see this horror.

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'ATTEMPTED MURDER WIFE WANTED ME DEAD SHE BOILED OIL FOR 20 MINUTES'

ANGELA NHEKAIRO, A BORROWDALE HARARE WOMAN SCALDED HER HUSBAND Benson Nhekairo with cooking oil and left him battling for life allegedly in a desperate bid to escape a beating.

However, holes are being poked into her story as witnesses come through and the police have since confirmed that investigations into the matter are well underway.

The case is being handled at Borrowdale Police Station under case number CR457/01/2020.

But as the police do their job Benson Nhekairo insists this is a case of attempted murder by a wife he labelled a pathological liar.

In an exclusive hospital bed side interview with H-Metro over the weekend an ailing Benson recalled the day he “almost died.”

“I was seated in the lounge when she poured the heated cooking oil on me. All this happened in full view of my 20 –year old daughter as well as maid,” he said.

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“I am in pain and would want to rest while thanking God for saving my life but Angela’s lies cannot go unchallenged. How does a woman who is being beaten get time to heat cooking oil for that long? She is on a mission to tarnish my image and that of the church.

“I am not an abusive husband and neither am I an elder at the church, ndingori mwana wesangano. I don’t know where the church is coming in…this a marital issue that is now being handled by our very able Zimbabwe Republic Police”

Benson, who has skin from his entire back and part of the face peeling off, claims his wife was out to take his life as part of an elaborate plan that she hatched in cahoots with a man she is allegedly having extra marital affair with.

“I am not a law expert but this is attempted murder. For 15-20 minutes she heated two litres of cooking oil before pouring it on me. It was planned. How cruel can a person be,” said Benson, struggling to contain his tears.

“I overheard my wife talking to her lover Farai Musiya… ,who she normally refers to as Baba Norm, planning to take our kids to Canada and decided to play it cool. On the fateful day I looked for my passport as well as those of the kids and could not find them in the drawer we always have them stored.

“I asked Angela about the whereabouts of the passports and she could not give a satisfactory answer. Instead of confronting her I went and sat in the lounge where the next thing I felt was a stinging heat that sent shivers down my spine.

“I have never felt such pain in my life. I took off my clothes in front of my daughter and maid, and yelled for help. We rubbed margarine and eggs on my skin in a desperate bid to reduce the pain. As all this was happening Angela was on the phone with Cherly … and Farai Dhla… telling them that “it is done I have fixed him.”

“Clearly this thing was pre-meditated, she wanted to kill me but God is faithful, I am healing. However, I am worried about the mental state of my daughter…she is traumatized because she watched all this unfolding,” said Nhekairo. Hmetro

see more at http://newzimbabwevision.com/borrowdale-harare-woman-scald…/

A HARARE SOLDIER from, Bulawayo has left the Bulawayo Magistrates court in shock when he revealed that he is tired of being beaten up by his wife who always comes back home drunk and in the company of males.
This came out at the Bulawayo magistrates’ court when Noel Moyo of Pelandaba West said in most instances his wife Nhlalwenhle Mqawana also assaults him with dangerous weapons so he decided to seek a protection order from the courts.
“I am applying for a peace order against my wife who is in the habit of assaulting me with dangerous weapons. She uses vulgar language, threatens me with death and is always coming home drunk and in the company of males,” said Moyo.
He added: “When I ask her why she tortures me she threatens me with death. I work in Harare and most times whenever I delay to come home I get beaten by her. I am tired of being bitter, threatened, abused verbally and emotionally in the presence of my children. I am in the army and I do not want to take things into my hands so may the court grant me a peace order against this abusive woman.”
Western Commonage magistrate Urgent Vundla granted an interim order pending a final decision.- bmetro

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Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says ‘ATTEMEO MURDER WIFE WANTED: ME DEAD SHE BOILED OIL FOR 20 MINUTES’

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