A LIBERATION WAR VET GROUP who feel they are entitled to all and no one else is, ..its chaos,..welcome to Zimbabwe!

A LIBERATION WAR VET GROUP who feel they are entitled to all and no one else is, ..its chaos,..welcome to Zimbabwe!

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ZIMBABWE’S VICE-PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga a liberation war veteran who led 1 Brigade in Bulawayo , the centre for all gukurahundi genocide raids,opted to take over the Health and Child Care portfolio, doubling up as a minister in terms of the constitution, because he wanted the Health and Child Care deputy minister John Mangwiro, his personal doctor, to take over the Health ministry, but liberation war vet President Mnangagwa did not agree, so the VP volunteered to take over the health Ministry.

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Since 18 April 1980 independence, Zimbabwe has not gone anywhere except see worse life for the ordinary , under the Black Mugabe militarised regime, simply a change of colour from the racist Rhodesian white Ian Smith regime to an equally oppressive Black regime under Mugabe which used the same laws to oppress the people and even implemented more oppressive laws to silence the people-you do the maths!

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Since the 90s at University, I was heavily involved in student protests then progressed to massive information dissemination in English, Shona and Ndebele as I could read, write and translate across the three languages and I had the access to reach the ordinary people through the books , some pictured below, which I published, community training , influencing public opinion by arming the people with information that would help them make more informed decisions about their future, such as voting, human rights, good governance, land, girl child , equal rights and more. I was always a pain to the militarised Zanu pf regime-Its fair to say, I have never been on their christmas card list-you do the maths!

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This is yet another wake up call to the people, you are dealing with the militarised Zanu pf regime, led by the war vet President Mnangagwa , his two deputies, war veterans Mohadi and Chiawenga, making all three people leading the presidium, trained soldiers.

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I will say it again without fear as always, the militarised regime came into power by the ‘BULLET-liberation war and no BALLOT can ever remove the military as they monopolise power and wealth and thats why in 40 years since independance, , Zimabweans have always lost the vote through rigged elections, stolen ballots, by the militarised Zanu pf regime originally led by Mugabe now Mnangagwa.

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We are requesting the ANC to positively and substantively intervene to help save the tradition, ethos and values of the liberation movement in Zimbabwe. We believe that the ANC faces a very high risk of having a rogue neighbour north of the Limpopo. ZANU PF is no longer the liberation movement that it used to be. It is our considered view that the ANC, both as a sister liberation movement and as Africa’s oldest and most democratic liberation movement is best placed to serve Zimbabwe by saving its liberation movement.

The G40 Zanu pf group led by forcibly exiled Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, exiled former Minister Kasukuwere and exiled former Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo who would clearly be a danger for anyone to trust or follwow, last week wrote to the South Africa government that when the military staged the November 2017 coup in Zimbabwe it presented seven demands to President Mugabe. Out of the seven, six represented the interest of a ZANU PF faction linked to and supported by the military; and the other demand was about the tenure interests of the military commanders. In effect, the military coup was about using the gun to dictate and entrench the interests of a ZANU PF faction. This remains the case in Zimbabwe today and explains why ZANU PF remains profoundly divided and why Zimbabwe remains mired in a crippling political and economic crisis with far reaching implications for the country and its neighbours.

We don’t believe that there is an alternative political formation in Zimbabwe which can address this crisis. We are convinced that it is critically important to confront the elephant in the room which in our view is a liberation movement in Zimbabwe which is physically and hegemonically disintegrating. In our assessment, while this disintegration is palpable, we believe it can be rescued, reversed and restored. More particularly we think the ANC can play a pivotal role in the rescue, reversal and restoration. If this is in order, we avail ourselves to a process of engagement and discussion to pinpoint the threats and opportunities that are present.

For ease of reference, we attach herewith, a copy of the seven demands that defined the objectives of the November 2017 military coup in Zimbabwe whose consequences have been devastating on the liberation movement in the country. – Twitter

www.newzimbabwevision.com says, Jonathan Moyo is the architect of the oppressive AIPPA and POSA which forced millions of Zimbabwe across the diaspora in forced exile, while Zhuwao and Kasukuwere sustained the oppressive militarised Mugabe regime, so, only a stupid Zimbabwean would even accept the rubbish by these Mugabe allies, case in point, Kasukuwere built a 50 bedroom mansion, had a free farm along with millions gathered through their wealth monopoly and supported former first lady , motormouth Grace Mugabe’s push to replace her husband Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe..

These are just home sick looters in exile who cannot come back home to enjoy their loot.

I’m Black, but I Can’t breathe,..don’t shoot,..Black Lives Matter!
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Sibusiso Ngwenya

Photo-Sibusiso Ngwenya, a voice of absolute defiance to the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, pictured in 1992 during a University of Zimbabwe Student protest

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