‘A MARRIED MAN WONT BE SLEEPING AROUND ANYMORE after his trouser snake vanished when he failed to pay a prostitute US$5’

www.newzimbabwevision says, its amazing how much evil Zimbabweans are allegedly able to summon through dark forces including controlling lightning strikes, causing illness, accidents, fires, disaster, untold death and suffering and other horrors when they summon evil.
Any wonder why the nation led by president Mnangagwa the chief architect of the gukurahundi genocide which led to the murder of over 20,000 unarmed Ndebeles by the North Korean trained Fifth brigade led by the Minister of Agriculture RTD Airforce Commander general Perrance Shiri who is nephew to the deposed former president Robert Mugabe. The caucus of evil included the Vice president RTD Gen Chiwenga who was then the head of the One Bridade Unit in Bulawayo, the logistics centre for all gukurahundi raids across Matebeleland. Zimbabwe faces endless suffering beyond human understanding,..hmn , aren’t we all proud to be Zimbabwean, clearly a land of turmoil.
Anyway the story couldn’t get any more bizarre than what happened when a 35-year-old Mazowe married man mysteriously “lost” his manhood after failing to pay a hooker US$5 last week.
The man, Kudzi Muteragombe (35) of Good Hope Farm allegedly had sex with the woman only identified as Chiedza at Tsungubvi beerhall, but failed to payfor her prostitution services.
A misunderstanding ensued and , within a few minutes Muteragomba experienced severe pain on his manhood before it mysteriously ‘disappeared’ according to reports.
The shocked man asked a female friend, Angel Mabhekani (37), to accompany him to Glendale Police Station to file a police report for a ‘missing penis’.
Acting Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Petros Masikati said “As police, we do not deal with such matters, but we heard some police officers examined him and it appeared as if his manhood was missing before they advised him to seek medical attention,” Masikati said.
A witness, Angela Dembo, said the hooker who was new in Glendale fled the area after news about the incident started filtering in. Source – the standardwww.newzimbabwevision says, while we sympathise, be careful out there, stop cheating on your wives and partners, you could lose your trouser snake, end up with unwanted pregnancy, disease, injury or death in fights related to prostitution. Lets hope he at least has some way of urinating. We did not get to understand fully if at all there is one. here is hoping that the wife will be granted fast track divorce on grounds of denial of conjugal rights if it gets to that,…Im just saying!
The circle of evil in Zimbabwe is wide, as we are told in the Sunday mail that, numerous, well-known people, from in and outside Zimbabwe, allegedly including prophets, traditional healers, musicians, businesspeople, footballers, politicians and “money-changers”, allegedly received “super-natural powers” from the late Sekuru Charles Makhuyana Ndunge, who passed away three weeks ago, aged 87, at his South Downs, Chipinge, home after suffering from diabetes complications.
He was popular for traditional healing , providing “super-natural powers” to those who sought the evil from him including Football teams, footballers, businesspeople, especially car sales and money-changers.
In the aftermath of his passing away, many are rushing to Chipinge to dump the super-natural powers , they were warned in advance before accepting them. Sibusiso Ngwenya More news to follow. Source-standard.

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