‘A ONCE UNTOUCHABEGRACE MUGABE the former first lady has made an emotional apology to Zimbabwe’s former VPJoice Mujuru’-

‘A ONCE UNTOUCHABEGRACE MUGABE the former first lady has made an emotional apology to Zimbabwe’s former VPJoice Mujuru’-

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‘A ONCE UNTOUCHABEGRACE MUGABE the former first lady has made an emotional apology to Zimbabwe’s former VPJoice Mujuru’-

Mugabe’s death has been a learning curve for many starting with death always humbling the proud and showing everyone that one might go about flexing their muscle, walking all over people letting the underprivileged in society such as widows, orphans, strret children, the hungry, the homeless, the unemployed , the poor, the disabled, the sick and many more. Mugabe and Grace, through their heartless leadership, blood thirsty Zanu pf, and corruption that allowed them to amass untold wealth including over 14 farms through the disastrous land grab, the Chiadzwa diamond loot, grabbing of properties, minerals, mines and businesses which allowed them to amass billions , but it all came down to nothing as Mugabe, like many dictators or controversial leaders such as Hitler, Saddam, and others, died a pauper, buried like an unknown individual, a nonentity, and best forgotten overnight individual.

Who would have dreamt thet Grace Mugabe a.k.a motormouth Grace, who lauched a savage attack on the former Vice President Joice Mujuru, which triggered brutal purging of Zanu pf seniors from the ruling Zanu PF in 2014 by her husband the late Robert Mugabe, which saw the VP Joice Mujuru dismissed from her Vice President post, sealed after Grace launched multiple savage attacks against the defenceless widow of the late liberation struggle hero, Solomon Mujuru, would today be humbled before the very people she looked down on when she thought she was on top of the world?

This was a complicated matter as the already then widow Joice Mujuru was the ex wife to RTD Gen Solomon Mujuru, also known by his nom-de-guerre, Rex Nhongo who led Robert Mugabe’s Zanu guerrilla forces to Independence, yet died unceremoniusly in a fire in the early hours of the night of 15 August 2011, at the homestead of Alamein Farm, in circumstances that many attribute to the draconian Robert Mugabe’s Zanu pf elimination tactics.

Joice Mujuru who then led her own political party National Patriotic Front NPF, has been silent about Mugabe’s death publicly; More news to follow. Paul Ngwenya

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