“A Reasonable Person Will Describe Them As Thieves & Insane Money Mongers Who Seek To Enrich Themselves Through Daylight Robbery Of Unsuspecting Mentally Disordered & Desperate Peasants.”- Energy Mutodi

The controversial former Zanu PF youth member Energy Mutodi has blasted the modern day prophets such as Emmanuel Makandiwa and Walter Magaya as shameless people who just want unneccessary recognition.
Through his Facebook post Mutodi a Law student at the University of Zimbabwe said Zimbabwe’s shameless false prophets who have been mushrooming at the same pace as the country’s economic meltdown are in a serious war and competition for recognition.
“Controversial prophets Walter Magaya and Emmanuel Makandiwa (Mukandirwi) are currently in the news fighting over a recently published popularity ranking list that put Makandiwa on third position and Magaya on number 1 most influential and popular young person in the country,” he said.
“The ranking is being done by yet another unknown organization which could also be a creation of Magaya. According to news making rounds in Harare, Magaya seeks to position himself as the most influential person who even dines and wines with powerful politicians most notably the First Family.”
He said Magaya also probably wants to catch the eye of controversial honorary PhD giver Enrico Sibanda by donating to hospitals in a dramatic fashion, appearing in the media with a bag stashed with valueless rand notes and coins as he donates just to attract attention. “The Wikipedia defines a false prophet as one who falsely claims to have the gift of prophecy or divine inspiration or one who uses that gift for evil ends.
At least seven elements characterize false prophets,” he said.
“They include performing miracles for crowd pulling purposes, dishing out prophecies that turn out to be false or untrue, false doctrine that brings attention on themselves and not on Yahweh, the love for money, women and material things, paganism propensities such as using snakes, oils and magic to sanctify worship, large crowds usually with economically induced social problems, zeal for recognition and influence among other attributes.”
Mutodi said Zimbabwe’s well known true prophet is a Mt. Darwin old man called Wimbo who in 1957 prophesied that Robert Mugabe would be the President of Zimbabwe, a prophecy that came to pass in 1980.
“Apparently to show their false prophesy qualities, both Makandiwa and Magaya have avoided prophesying on who would succeed President Mugabe, an issue of great anxiety and curiosity among Zimbabweans he said.
“A reasonable person will describe them as thieves and insane money mongers who seek to enrich themselves through daylight robbery of unsuspecting mentally disordered and desperate peasants.” –
Source: Byo24News

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