A RUSAPE ZIMBABWE man who fatally assaulted his stepson (4) after he had soiled himself has been jailed 18-years

A RUSAPE ZIMBABWE man who fatally assaulted his stepson (4) after he had soiled himself has been jailed 18-years
He was found guilty of murder with actual intent by a Mutare High Court judge.
Justice Hlekani Mwayera did not have kind words for Munyaradzi Nyika, whom she blasted for acting irresponsibly by killing an innocent infant.
The judge said Nyika knew very well that he was married to a woman who had a child from a previous marriage and thus he was supposed to look after his stepson, not beat him to death.
In a bid to conceal the murder, the accused person filed a police report purporting that the child had injured himself after falling from a water sink.
He also coerced his wife, the deceased’s mother, to support his claims.
However, detectives got suspicious after seeing the boy’s injuries as they were not consistent with his report.

Principal public prosecutor Ms Jane-Rose Matsikidze, told the court that the deceased, Denzel Mutungwazi, was pronounced dead upon arrival at St Mary’s Hospital.
“On June 18, 2018, the accused, his son Defala Nyika and the deceased went to the family’s garden,” she said.
“As the accused and his son were working, the deceased was playing. At some point in the afternoon, the accused person observed that the deceased had soiled his clothes by defecating in them.
“Annoyed, the accused person started assaulting the deceased using his open hands till the deceased fell down. He cut a switch from a tree and continued to assault his stepson until he lost consciousness.”
The accused person then ordered his son to carry the deceased home.
Upon arrival, the accused informed his wife, Precious Taruvinga, that her son had fallen off a sink and injured himself in the process.
“The couple took the child to St Mary’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. A report of sudden death was made at ZRP Wedza,” said Ms Matsikidze.
Unsatisfied with the pair’s statement, detectives did further investigations which resulted in Taruvinga spilling the beans. – manicapost

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