A UK BASED ZIMBABWEAN WOMAN , married her fiancee five days after losing an arm in a crocodile attack on the Zambezi river

A UK based Zimbabwean woman Zanele Ndlovu (25) has received global admiration after she was attacked by a crocodile while canoeing on the zambezi river and lost her arm just five days before and still went ahead and married her fiancee Jamie Fox.Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

Zanele Ndlovu was dragged into the water by the crocodile but she managed to escape with her life, although the surgeons who treated her, had to amputate her arm.

The attack helped him to appreciate the “deep meaning in our vows: for better or worse, in sickness and in health”, he said.

Ms Ndlovu told The Chronicle newspaper in Zimbabwe that the water had been “very calm” before the crocodile “just jumped out of the water and bit a chunk of my arm together with the side of the boat”.

She added: “The canoe started deflating and it all happened so fast.

“The crocodile bit me again and and pulled me into the water. My husband was thrown out on the opposite side.”

Speaking at the Mater Dei hospital in Bulawayo, she continued: “Jamie swam over to where I was struggling with the crocodile that was trying to pull me to the bottom of the river.

“He grabbed my waist and with the other hand he rained blows on the crocodile.”

The crocodile “finally let go”, Mr Fox said.

The pain was “excruciating”, Ms Ndlovu said, but “with my husband by my side, I summoned the strength to fight through it”.

The couple said guides had told them crocodiles were rare in that part of the river.

They were taken by helicopter to a hospital in Victoria Falls before being transferred to Mater Dei.

Where many men may have chosen to do a runner or the bride felt so low, and cancelled the wedding, the unfortunate, yet lovely couple kept their arranged wedding date, and got married in a hospital chapel, a brave act indeed by the woman, who despite her pain and what she had gone through, was, calm smiling and laughing throughout

She is so brave because she is said to have been chatting in the ambulance to the doctors when she had been attacked.

The couple had been dating for about 18 months since February 2017 before they made and announced marriage plans.

He husband said “I proposed in February. We are hoping to settle in the UK, so we are sorting out her visa and then we will think of the honeymoon,” Mr Fox said. Zanele Ndlovu was discharged from the hospital on Monday this week. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya source Sky.

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