ACCIDENT: CAR FALLS OFF MUPFURE  BRIDGE, killing three passengers, when the Alion car overtook infront of an oncoming refuse truck and hit the kerb side of the bridge and fell over.

An Alion sedan and a sewage refuse removal truck were involved in an accident at Mupfure bridge along Chegutu Harare road.
The accident happened when the Alion coming from Harare overtook in front of on coming truck and hit the kerb side of the bridge. The driver lost control and encroached on to the other Lane hitting the truck. The truck then destroyed the bridge pillars whilst the Alion that was speeding tilted and fell of the bridge killing three passengers.
The driver was badly injured and was rushed to the hospital together with one passenger who was from the truck. Rumor is saying that the driver and the passenger from the truck passed on as the arrived at the hospital.
Of the three people who died on the sport one guy was trapped and fire brigade had to cut the car to retrieve the body.
The accident blocked the road up to halfway along the road. Those coming from Chegutu direction have blocked the road up to Martin Spur.
Surely these accidents happening now are being caused by reckless driving. The idea of overtaking on bridges clearly shows madness on the party of the drivers.
Indeed we have to do a lot as a people to avert such accidents.
Source – Byo24

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