‘ Acie Lumumba Is An Immature Young Man, Who Only Joined Zanu PF For Personal Enrichment’-Zanu PF

Zanu PF last week said it was celebrating the exit of its Harare provincial executive member, Acie Lumumba, describing him as an immature young man, who had joined the ruling party for personal enrichment.



Lumumba quit Zanu PF last week, claiming it was corrupt and had forsaken its grassroot supporters.

But party spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo said Lumumba’s departure from the party was “good riddance”, as he had shown that his ambitions in Zanu PF were destructive.

“Well, its shows he was never one of us. From his statements, one can easily conclude that he joined the party for personal gain. I say so because had he not been removed from his post, he was not going to say what he is saying today,” he said.

“He alleges that the party is corrupt because he has failed to achieve what he wanted. It’s unfortunate that he is a very young man who lacked advice, hence, he is making what I would call foolish decisions.”

In his letter of resignation, Lumumba, who was Harare province secretary for tourism, said Zanu PF had lost direction and was now driven by greedy officials.

But Moyo said his departure was good for Zanu PF as his attitude towards party ethos and ideology “could be dangerous to society as a whole”.

“It’s good riddance. He needs to grow a bit and appreciate that Zanu PF is a pro-poor party with an agenda of fulfilling the wishes of the people. He needs to be politically mature and has to undergo training on Zanu PF ideology,” the ruling party spokersperson

Lumumba quit after he fell out of favour with his former bosom buddies, including Youth minister Patrick Zhuwao, whom he described as an extortionist.

This was after Zhuwao sacked Lumumba from chairing the Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Strategy for Investment. By Xolisani Ncube. source-newsday

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