‘African Journalists Should Avoid Unnecessary Criticism Of Africa’s Leaders’-Mugabe

African journalists should champion developmental issues in their reportage and avoid unnecessary criticism of the continent’s leadership, African Union and SADC chairman President Robert Mugabe has said.

President Mugabe was addressing the just ended Ebola Conference in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

He said Africans should be proud of their heritage and roots and not allow western nations to make them feel like a lesser people, adding journalists should tell the African story rather than allowing the west to dictate to them.

President Mugabe bemoaned the state of journalism among some media practitioners whom he says are on a mission to tarnish the image of African heads of state at the expense of spearheading developmental issues.

Several African leaders who include President Mugabe have been vilified for their unwavering stance against Western imperialism and their calls for the empowerment of the black majority through the ownership of the means of production.

Meanwhile, President Mugabe also urged African countries to stand united, saying unity will enable the continent to conquer common enemies.

Officially closing the ebola conference, President Mugabe said the ebola outbreak has taught African leaders the importance of unity.

Equatorial Guinea President Theodore Obiang Nguema Mbasogo reiterated the African Union chairperson’s call for a united Africa.

AU Commission Deputy Chairperson Dr Erastus Mwencha applauded President Mugabe for spearheading the fight against ebola and the recovery programme.

The ebola outbreak in West Africa provided African leaders with a number of key lessons chief among them unity in the face of a common enemy.

Various governments donated cash and their services to the affected countries.

President Mugabe made a commitment that the Zimbabwean government will deliberate on the appropriate donation with his cabinet. Source: zbc

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