After Closing Down, The Police Training Depot, Chief Ndiweni, Closes GMB in Ntabazinduna

CHIEF Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna in Matabeleland North Province has allegedly directed the Grain Marketing Board to shut down its depot in his area, arguing that his people were not benefiting from the facility.

Sunday News reported that the move comes barely a year after the traditional leader ordered the police and the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services to shut down their training depots in his area saying youths from his jurisdiction were not benefiting. He wanted 50 percent of youths being trained at the depots to be from his area.

Umguza representative in the National Assembly Dr Obert Mpofu confirmed the latest incident and said people in the area were agitated by the chief’s actions. Ntabazinduna falls under Umguza Constituency.

“We had a meeting last week in Ntabazinduna together with the District Administrator, concerning the proposed move by Chief Ndiweni to shut down the GMB depot. People are so agitated. What he is doing is anti-people. We do not want confusion in Ntabazinduna. Since he was appointed to be acting chief after the death of his father, all he has brought to the people is confusion.”

He said Chief Ndiweni cannot shut a public institution which does not belong to him.

“He can’t shut down a public institution which does not belong to him. It belongs to the public and whatever he is doing, he is not doing it for himself but punishing the community. People are supposed to receive maize at that depot but if it is to be shut down, where do they get maize from. We have engaged local authorities in the area to look into the situation,” said Dr Mpofu.

Chief Ndiweni could not be reached for Lackson Munkombwe. Source: Sunday Mail

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