AFTER SEIZING, G40 kingpins Jonathan Moyo and Robert Zhuwawo farms, state seizes Kasukuwere’s Concorpia Farm in Mazowe.

The President Emmerson Mnangagwa government has repossesses a farm in Mashonaland Central belonging to former minister and one of the G40 kingpins, Savior Kasukuwere in what it called a downsizing and replanning exercise.
Kasukuwere was however quick to accuse the Mnangagwa government of targeting him through tee repossession of Concorpia Farm in Mazowe.
“Zimbabwe Land Reform: Political persecution continues but we shall overcome . Land has now become a fully blown political weapon,” he said.
In a letter to Kasukuwere by lands Minister Perrance Shiri, the former Zanu-PF commissar was invited to challenge the action if he so wished.
Kasukuwere’s farm, according to sources, is one of the few farms taken under the chaotic land reform credited with producing.
“We have done our best to keep the farm going . We are in the midst of a drought and the few productive farms get attacked . Time will tell,” said Kasukuwere.
Other G40 members who have had their farms seized by tree State are Professor Jonathan Moyo and Robert Zhuwawo.
Meanwhile, Kasukuwere’s brother Dan Kasukuwere was arrested by police on allegations of skipping the border through unauthorised points.
Sources said the arrest was despite the fact that he produced a valid passport which showed legal exit and entry into the country.
He was said to be held at the CID Law and Order section at the Harare Central Police Station – Byo24

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