After Treason Charges Acquittal, Edmund Kudzayi, ‘Baba Jukwa’ Is Replaced As Sunday Mail Editor.

ABOUT two months after he was acquitted on treason charges, Edmund Kudzayi, has been replaced as Sunday Mail editor.

Kudzayi was thought to be the subject of President Robert Mugabe rant when he savaged then information minister Jonathan Moyo in June last year, accusing him of firing loyalist editors and replacing them with individuals who had no history with the ruling party.

On Tuesday, Kudzayi did not even merit mention in the Herald report which announced that Mabasa Sasa is the new Mail editor.

Sasa has been running the publication as acting editor since Kudzayi was arrested in May last year on charges he ran the notorious Baba Jukwa Facebook page with scandalised the ruling Zanu PF party and its leader Mugabe.

Kudzayi – away from work but on full benefits since his arrest – was on remand for several months as detectives claimed they were shuttling back and forth to the US to conduct and investigations at Facebook and Google.

Eventually, the charges were dropped but Zimpapers confirmed Tuesday that Kudzayi would not return to the Mail. however, understands that he will be accommodated as head of digital services – a role currently held by Innocent Gore; what is intended with the latter remains unclear. Sources said more changes would be announced in due course. source-newzimbabwe

photo-Edmund Kudzayi arrives at the Harare Magistrates court,at the time of his incarceration.-nehandaradio


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