AGGRIEVED MUGABE SPEAKS OUT TO THE MEDIA FOR THE FIRST TIME since he was forcibly removed from power by the army.

The deposed former president Robert Mugabe, a man widely known during his brutal rule for denying the independant media any space, has, for the first time since the Operation Restore Legitimacy Coup by the army in November 2017, spoken out to the media. Yesterday, clearly a broken man, Mugabe held several interviews with foreign journalists. SABC was given a TV interview, while the Times of London and SA Sunday Times were given newspaper interviews.

In what is a surprise to the whole world, Mugabe has called for dialogue, even talking about Zimbabwe being a democratic and constitutional nation, with respect for the law, even adding that Mnangagwa was brought into government by him, is illegal and must engage in dialogue so that he, Mugabe can assist him to legitimise his rule,…how ironic!

The deposed despot, looked so confused, and powerless to do anything, because, ‘my people, my Zimbabwe’ have abandoned him, He is the same man who for 37 years used the same military, police, CIO, militia and other criminals to butcher innocent civillians including 20, 000 Ndebeles during gukurahundi, followed by thousands of activists and opposition in the Murambatsvina clean up exercise, white farmer evictions, Chiadzwa genocide and 2008 elections, while sending millions into forced exile. It is ablessing for the majority of Zimbabweans that he has lived to see a.better Zimbabwe, happy people and a free Zimbabwe.

The deposed former president Robert Mugabe told reporters, “On my side I always had Emmerson Mnangagwa, and I brought him into government but I never thought he whom I had nartured and brought into government and whose life I had worked so hard in prison to save as he was threatened with hanging, would one day turn against me, but there it is, it happened on the 15th November 2017 and he was assisted by the army and I say it was a coup detat, some people refuse to call it a coup, but he could never have assumed the presidency of the country wiythout the army.”

“The army assisted him, made sure that all the other organs of the state were completely neutralised, bashed CIO heads, stripped them of weapons, some CIOs are missing to date, police guns are missing having been stolen by the army.”

“The army rolled tanks, and armoured cars we never knew we had and people were banned from moving without military permission, people arrested. It was truly a military take over, there was no movement unless it was checked and allowed by the army”.

“Our people had never experienced such an environment before as we had prided ourselves in being democratic daily. People are being called and asked silly questions like where is Kasukuwere, Zhuwayo and Moyo. They are mere cooks, why worry them, they don’t know, ask me! Yes we once assisted them to escape, as once before , volleys of gunfire were unleashed at their houses and they called for help”.

“Grace Mugabe drove to pick up Kasukuwere, Moyo and their families and we kept them and we said we will look after your wives and families and save them but you men, find your way to safety and so they went”.

“Today Emmerson is no longer on my side, he is the president and I called him President the other day and he asked mne not to call him president so I agreed to call him Ed”.

“I don’t hate Emmerson, I brought him into government and I would want to work with him but he must be proper, not illegal and if it needs discussion to undo this disgrace we have imposed upon ourselves which Zimbabwe does not deserve because we are a constitutional country, overall we must obey the law and people must be chosen the proper way to be in government”.

“Iam willing to assist in that process but I must be invited in that process. Currently I’m isolated under armed guard. This is the speech that the deposed former president Robert Mugabe has given, watch the clip and here him.”

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