AIR’SIMBABWE’S only plane is now out of flight under repair ,US$380 million debt, with Patrick Chinamasa appointed Air Zim chairman of the board

MAZARURA /AIR’SIMBABWE’S only plane is now out of flight under repair ,US$380 million debt, withPatrick Chinamasa appointed Air Zimbabwe chairman of the board after he ran the failed Zimbabwe economy into total collapse. Air Zimbabwe seeks authority from the government to sell its broken down fleet of old, rotting grounded planes. The whole system is overseen by the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime.Zimbabweans should question, why the three members of the presidium ‘ President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Vice President Constantine Chiwenga and Vice President Kembo Mohadi will always hire private jets for travel and use hospitals in other countries like India , South Africa and so forth, while their children and extended families are educated outside Zimbabwe.
Clearly they do not trust Zimbabwe’s planes, education, health care and above all banks hence the massive flight capital from Zimbabwe as they invest their millions of US$s out of the country. If anyone imagines that , under these three corrupt leaders, Zimbabwe will be ok, let me remind you that it took 37 years of falsely believing the oppressive former president Mugabe would build a great Zimbabwe nation yet instead, he looted about US$15 Billion dollars of diamonds, owned at least 14 farms totalling around 16 000 hectares, some leased to the same white farmers he led Zimbabweans to push off the land.
For Zimbabweans to fully appreciate the extent of the Zanu pf con, here are the facts
* Mnangagwa rewarded Mugabe with a golden handshake package of US$10 million, for a job well done in crushing Zimbabwea’s hopes and future, crushing the Ndebeles during Gukurahundi, murdering and stripping white farmers of land and business, and collapsing Zimbabwe’s economy. *The Mugabe family own Gushungo Estates- 4 046 hectares,Gushungo Dairies-1 000 hectares in Mazoe,Iron Mask Estate in Mazowe – 1 046 hectares,Sigaru Farm in Mazowe-873 hectares,Gwebi Wood-1 200 hectares in Mazowe,Gwina Farm in Mazowe-1 445 hectares,Leverdale Farm in Banket-1 488 hectares,Highfield Farm in Banket-445 hectares, in Norton,Cressydale Estate-676 hectares,Tankatara Farm -575 hectares,John O’Groat Farm-760 hectares,Clifford Farm -1 050 hectares,Bassiville-1 200 hectares This places deposed former president Robert Mugabe’s family land ownership at a total of 16 000 hectares. The close Robert Mugabe relatives include his late sister Sabina Mugabe, nephew Leo Mugabe, and brother-in-law Grace Mugabe’s brother Reward Marufu who generally own multiple farms. It is also known that while Mugabe and his Zanu pf continuously used Zimbabweans to create an entropy that fuelled their corruption, always emphasing, land to the blacks and the controversial 51% black ownership policy in Zimbabwe, they were , under the cover of darkness , dining with the ‘devil as they leased out their land and businesses to whites, while encouraging Zimbabweans to drive out whites.’. The Mugabe First Family is reported to have been leasing out land seized from Interfresh Holdings Ltd’s Mazoe Citrus Estate in 2013 to businessman, Hamish Rudland, said to be a major shareholder in CFI Holdings. Motor mouth former First Lady Grace Mugabe was involved in lengthy court battle with the police aiding her to evict villagers from Manzou Farm in Mazowe so she could build a Robert Mugabe University, hospital and secondary school. Many villagers were left homeless and sleeping out in the open unsheltered from dust, mosquitoes, snakes, rain and other bad weather including thieves, criminals and worst of all even new born babies were left in these horrible conditions due to Grace and Robert Mugabe. Remember that the Minister of Lands and agriculture is under Mugabe’s nephew Perence Shiri from Zvimba. Perrance Shiri was originally named Samson Bigboy Chikerema. Chikerema’s are Mugabe’s family from his mother the late mbuya Bona’s side. If you remember your history, the late nationalist James Chikerema was Mugabe’s cousin. This is where Zimbabweans should have spotted how evil Mugabe is, because James Chikerema was denied his own cousin, school mate, childhood friend Robert Mugabe, burial at the Zimbabwe National Heroes acre in Harare. I’d hazard a guess that the Chikerema family are addressing a past issue happily for all Zimbabweans as Perrance Shiri (Bigboy Samson Chikerema) was instrumental in the fall of Mugabe and now as the Minister of Agriculture is leading the stripping of Mugabe’s multiple farm ownership. Zimbabwe’s have no issues with the family affair as long as it works out for the ordinary street person,..strip him of everything! newzimbabwevision media will continue to be the voice of the voiceless, and speak out for the people. I will be continuously in touch with our on the ground contacts around Zimbabwe and expose all the underhand and corrupt land deals that have collapsed our agriculture. Many people will not be happy but we are here for all people all races, all tribes and all political parties. we are here for Zimbabwe’s future, not there to please any side.
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