‘ALL Robert Mugabe Way Signs btn First and 15th Avenues defaced and Devolution Way is superimposed on them overnight’



BULAWAYO residents yesterday woke up to the surprise of seeing Robert Mugabe Way having been defaced and changed to Devolution Way by unidentified people, although there is strong suspicion that the graffiti was sprayed by advocates of devolution of power.Of late, opposition parties and civil society groups from Matabeleland region, particularly MDC, Zapu, Ibetshu LikaZulu, have been pushing government to implement devolution to give local authorities autonomy over their resources.

The concept is enshrined in the Constitution adopted in 2013, but government blames lack of funds for stalling implementation of the programme.

Southern Eye gathered that all sign posts bearing the name Robert Mugabe Way between First and 15th Avenues had Devolution Way superimposed on them.

Mayor Martin Moyo said he did not know who had plastered the graffiti, but condemned the move, describing it as mischievous.

“That is serious mischief. You cannot be allowed to deface, vandalise or change the legitimate signs put by the council. I think police must be engaged on this because it is even criminal,” he said.

Defaced Robert Mugabe Way, which has been changed to Devolution Way by unidentified people in Bulawayo yesterday

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