‘Shocking : Alleged Zanu PF, Kereke-Child Rape , CIO, Zimra (Bonyongwe’s) & Fidelity Printers Scandals Link’

The Constitutional Court has been informed that,  Zanu PF stalwart, also ‘child rape’ accused, Dr ‘Munyaradzi Kereke’ , EX Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe (RBZ)  boss Gideon Gono’s ex-advisor, Munyaradzi Kereke is said to be unable to afford paying legal fees, allegedly, primarily because of the tax man,.. Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) allegedly garnished his bank accounts.

Dr ‘Munyaradzi Kereke faces accusations  of  child sexual abuse, in which he  allegedly sexually abused molesting two minors, including  an 11-year-old relatives’ daughter at gunpoint, back  in October 2010.

The Zanu PF partisan police force referred the  case docket t the then Attorney-General’s Office, however the Zanu PF partisan Prosecutor General Tomana declined prosecution and the case was only recently revived.

Interesting exposures are coming to public attention, after Dr ‘Munyaradzi Kereke, the Bikita West Zanu-PF MP claimed that his financial status is in shambles because the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) chief Happyton Bonyongwe along with  his wife Willia Bonyongwe , the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) chairlady have scuppered any hope of the police acting on his report.

The allegations in the report are that, the retired  Zanu PF partisan former Reserve Bank Governor Gideon) Gono and CIO Director General ‘Happison Bonyongwe intended to  sell off ‘Zimbabwe’s Money Printing Company’ Fidelity Printers , a Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) subsidiary, allegedly worth over US$500 million onto a Chinese businessman for a miserly sum of US$12 million, arguably, a clear criminal case against the CIO Director General Happison Bonyongwe and wife Zimra Chairlady Willia Bonyongwe the CIO Director General’s wife. .

Kereke claims that because his accounts and salary are now garnished by Zimra, this is clearly evidence of collusion between CIO and Zimra to scupper criminal investigations  against  against the CIO Bonyongwe and his Zimra wife.

The interference, according to him has left him unable to meet any required legal costs in the private prosecution against him over the rape trial.

The Chinese Business a prominent Chinese  billionaire, Sam Pa man to whom Bonyongwe and wife would have sold off Fidelity printers is reportedly now  in jail.

Dr ‘Munyaradzi Kereke’s trial, continues  on 3rd  February 2016. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

photo-CIO Director General ‘Happison Bonyongwe, Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) chief Constantine Chiwenga and President Robert Mugabe

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