An ‘Injiva’ from Nkayi Muarakati Village under chief Sikobokobo has been sentenced to death by hanging by Bulawayo High court Judge

The injiva, Themba Moyo (31) followed his wife Lucia Maruvisa (23) and their 18 month old son who had fled his abuse in Mberengwa to live with a relative at Nyama general dealer shop at Neta business centre in Mberengwa.Image may contain: 1 person
It is said Lucia Maruvisa accused South Africa based Themba Moyo of neglecting their baby and decided to move to her relative at Nyama general dealer shop at Neta business centre in Mberengwa.
Themba followed Lucia and entered the shop where Lucia was sleeping with four other children armed with an axe and butchered his ex wife then after murdering her he picked up a smaller axe and butchered his son before fleeing.
Themba was on the run for ten days before he was exposed by others and police caught up with him and placed him under arrest.
The Bulawayo High court Judge Justice Nokuthula Moyo who presided over the case , decried the fact that women in abusive relationships are stuck between a rock and hard place as whether they stay or flee, they will be subjected to similar fates as the abuser will either kill them in the matrimonial home or follow them to kill them. She even pointed out that in a space of one week she had handled three other cases of abusive men who had murdered their sposes who had been fleeing similar circumstances .
The Judge sentenced Themba Moyo to death by hanging .More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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