ANGRY FILABUSI MAN AXED WIFE, fractured her arm and axed his neighbour on the head leaving him gasping for breath.

An angry man from Filabusi went berserk and attacked his neighbour with an axe on the head leaving him gasping for breath in blood.
After heartlessly attacking Venice Ndlovu, Nqobile Ncube who was armed with an axe, log and a knobkerrie turned on Ndlovu’s wife Sithokozile Sibanda and axed her on the left arm. He left Sibanda wailing in agony.
Ncube was accusing Ndlovu of not stopping his nephew Wellington Bongani Ndlovu (23) from having a sexual relationship with his daughter Privilege Ncube (17).
“Ncube said he had warned (Venice) several times to tell his nephew to stop having sex with his daughter but he turned a deaf ear to his plea therefore he was angered by that,” said a police source.
Ncube went a gear up, broke down the door to a bedroom hut and destroyed a wall with his axe. A police source said Ncube was heard declaring that he wanted to kill Wellington. Luckily Wellington was not at home at the time of the attack.
“He axed Wellington’s bedroom door before ransacking the room and leaving property upside down. He left in a huff waving his axe and declaring that he wanted to kill him,” said a source.
A report was made to the police leading to Ncube’s arrest.
Ndlovu and his wife were rushed to Wanezi Hospital where they are receiving treatment.
Ncube appeared before Filabusi magistrate Mzingaye Moyo facing an assault charge. Source – bmetro

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