The bond notes/ Cash crisis forces, people to sleeping on pavements to beat the bank queues for their hard earned money


As the cash crisis rocks Zimbabwe ahead of the introduction of the bond notes, people are now sleeping in front of their banking halls to beat the queues in order to access their hard earned money.

According to Fagio Marowa, he went out into town during the night to buy medication for his child and discovered quite a large number of people sleeping in front of the banking hall. He posted their pictures and wrote on his Facebook Wall that,”I just went out to buy medication for my daughter around 2312hrs and i was shocked to see these people sleeping outside their bank.
I couldn’t hold my tears.This is not right.”The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is embarked on educating citizens on the bond notes which are yet to be circulated amid citizens’ rash to withdraw their cash in fear that their money will be eroded to nothing like it happened in 2008 during the hyper inflationary period. by Stephen Jakes. Source – Byo24News

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