MUGABE MOTORCADE LAW; ‘One shall not make a statement or gesture within the view or hearing of the state motorcade with the intention of insulting


MUGABE MOTORCADE LAW; ‘One shall not make a statement or gesture within the view or hearing of the state motorcade with the intention of insulting any person travelling with an escort or any member of the escort’

Zimbabwe’s opposition is pushing for the repeal of a State law that makes it a crime to gesture rudely or swear at President Robert Mugabe’s high-speed, heavily-armed motorcade.

The Road Traffic (Rules of the Road) (Amendment) Regulations, issued in 2002, state that when the presidential motorcade – usually comprising about 24 vehicles – passes, anyone nearby “shall not make any gesture or statement within the view or hearing of the State motorcade with the intention of insulting any person travelling with an escort or any member of the escort”.

Mugabe’s motorcade comprises sirens of the accompanying motorcycle escorts, 4X4 vehicles carrying heavily-armed soldiers, sedans with plainclothes secret police and an ambulance, at the back.

At the centre is Mugabe’s bullet-proof stretch Mercedes Benz with darkly-tinted windows.

The opposition said the law must be struck off the statute books because it infringed on the constitutionally enshrined right of freedom of expression as it sought to stifle communication by citizens in either speech or gesture.

Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC vowed to repeal the law if it won the 2018 polls, promising to make good on that promise.

“When the MDC takes over power after next year’s elections, these type of fascist laws will be promptly repealed. A leader should earn the people’s respect, he shouldn’t demand to be respected,” MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said.

Jacob Mafume, spokesperson for Tendai Biti’s opposition PDP said: “It is in violation of the Constitution which allows us freedom of expression and to demonstrate if we are unhappy. We will strike it down to the extent of inconsistency with a just and democratic society.”

Gutu said Mugabe has “always considered himself a super human being who shouldn’t be equated with other ordinary Zimbabweans.”

“This is typical of dictators the world over. Dictators know that the people hate and loathe them and as such, they always enact laws that seek to humiliate ordinary people. That particular traffic law is just meant to intimidate ordinary people and in the process, to elevate the status of the president.”

When the convoy sweeps down the road, all other vehicles are forced to pull to the side of the road and stop. The regulations state that “the driver of every vehicle on the road on which a State motorcade is travelling . . . shall halt his vehicle”.

The regulations are part of an armoury of draconian laws meant to uphold “the dignity” of the 93-year-old Mugabe. The Public Order and Security Act outlaws making “an abusive, indecent, obscene or false statement” about the president and is punishable by a jail term of up to a year.
Source – dailynews

Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) lecturer collapses and dies while presenting his PhD thesis at the Zimbabwe Open University (Zou) in Bulawayo,

A lecturer at  Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) collapsed and later died on Friday while defending his PhD thesis at the Zimbabwe Open University (Zou) in Bulawayo, police have confirmed.
Ngonidzashe Makanyire (61) from Chidza Village in Gutu district, Masvingo province allegedly started sweating before clutching his chest and collapsing.

LECTURER DROPS DEAD: Tragedy strikes at PhD thesis presentation

A lecturer at Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) collapsed and later died on Friday while defending his PhD thesis at the Zimbabwe Open University (Zou) in Bulawayo, police have confirmed.
Ngonidzashe Makanyire (61) from Chidza Village in Gutu district, Masvingo province allegedly started sweating before clutching his chest and collapsing.
The History and Development Studies lecturer died last week on Friday around 4pm after complaining of dizziness.
Fellow students and academic adjudicators watched in shock as Makanyire breathed his last.
A police source said Makanyire died a few minutes after collapsing.
“He started complaining of dizziness. The adjudicators allowed him to present his thesis while seated. Within a few minutes he fell down and started frothing from the mouth. He died in front of adjudicators, lecturers and students who were listening to his PhD thesis presentation,” said the source.
Mr Peter Madzivanyika, Mr Makanyire’s nephew, had accompanied him to Bulawayo for the thesis presentation.
Mr Madzivanyika yesterday said he was deeply saddened by his uncle’s sudden death.
He said his uncle had taught at GZU for four years and was about to complete his PhD at Zou.
“He did not show any signs of distress before his death,” said Mr Madzivanyika.
“We are shocked and we didn’t expect this. I had left him at the Zou campus, at around 3:30 PM. He later phoned saying ‘Ndiri kunzwa kuzarirwa mudumbu’ (I have a stomach problem) and I’m feeling dizzy.”
Mr Madzivanyika said he rushed to the institution but Makanyire said it wasn’t serious and asked him to take his laptop and go.
“But when I was at the stairway I felt reluctant to go and waited for him at the door of the Zou campus. While I was waiting an official from the institution told me that my uncle had collapsed,” he said.
Mr Madzivanyika said he rushed upstairs to the conference room and found Makanyire frothing and he died a few minutes later.
He said his uncle’s body was taken to the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) for postmortem.
“My uncle is survived by his wife and two sons. He will be buried in Masvingo this coming week,” said Mr Madzivanyika.
Zou Bulawayo regional campus director Professor Onias Mafa yesterday said he was not allowed to talk to the media and referred questions to Mrs Ndai Nyamakura, the director in the vice chancellor’s office at the Zou national centre in Harare.
Mrs Nyamakura could not be reached on her mobile phone. Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said investigations into the cause of death were underway.
Danisa Masuku, Chronicle

AN angry mob assaults cop for causing kombi he had impounded to crash at Third Avenue and Lobengula Street after grabbing steering wheel

cop-crash-kombi (4)
AN angry mob rained blows on a police officer who had allegedly caused an accident by grabbing the steering wheel from a driver whose commuter omnibus he had impounded on Saturday.
The cop’s actions caused the vehicle to ram into a shop.
A passenger who declined to be named said the cop had ordered the driver to drive to Drill Hall Police Station but had apparently changed his mind and seemed to ask for a bribe.
“The driver appeared not to cooperate, resulting in the cop grabbing the steering wheel,” said the passenger.
The Bulawayo United Public Transporters Association (Bupta) kombi uprooted a pillar and crashed into a glass display at a hardware shop at the corner of Third Avenue and Lobengula Street around 10AM.
Witnesses said the commuter omnibus which had been impounded by police at a check point near McKeurtan Primary School “dangerously zigzagged across the road” and sent pedestrians scurrying for cover as the driver and the unnamed cop wrestled for the steering wheel.
“The kombi started swerving and we knew something was wrong. It then shot off the road and hit a pillar forcing its way into the hardware shop.” said Mr Alliance Kamuti.
“If it wasn’t for the pillar, there would have been serious injuries.”
Only the driver is said to have sustained minor injuries in the fracas.
Another witness said the officer who had impounded the vehicle tried to flee with an angry mob in hot pursuit.
“Some people kicked and punched him all over the body. He ran across the road. He seemed dazed as he returned towards the mob. Angry pedestrians ran after him and one slapped him before his colleagues rescued him,” said the witness.
The shop owner, who only identified himself as Mr N Moyo, said: “I was inside the shop when I heard a loud bang. I went outside to investigate and saw that a kombi had slammed into my shop.”
He said the officer jumped out of the car and fled.
“When I got outside, the police officer started running away. I tried to stop him but he continued running,” said Mr Moyo.
“The driver disembarked from the kombi screaming that the cop had grabbed the steering wheel causing him to lose control.”
Mr Moyo said battles between traffic police and kombi drivers should not endanger the public.
“This is not right, so we have to die just because the police want a $5 bribe. They should keep their battles to themselves and not put the public in danger,” said Mr Moyo.
“We can’t die because someone wants a $5 dollar bribe. Imagine if there were people on the pavement, they would have all died and their families would suffer.
“If the police want bribes, it’s better they brand their roadblocks as tollgates so that we know every time we approach a police check point that we have to leave some money.”
Mr Moyo said he reported the matter to the police.
“They refused to attend the scene citing security reasons. They said they were waiting for back-up as people were now beating officers of the law,” he said.
Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango yesterday said she was yet to receive a report of the issue.
Bupta secretary general Mr Albert Ncube declined to comment for the same reason. Prince Sunduzani. chronicle

Bulawayo kombi driver banned from driving for life and sentenced to a year in jail for picking passengers at an undesignated spot

A KOMBI driver was banned for life from driving and sentenced to a year in jail after he was convicted of picking passengers at an undesignated spot in Bulawayo.
Bulawayo magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya convicted Frank Ndebele, a repeat offender, for failing to display front and rear number plates and picking passengers at an undesignated area.
A first time offender, Mduduzi Ndlovu, got away with a $30 fine before the same court.
Police arrested Ndebele while he was picking passengers along the 6th Avenue Extension and Lobengula Street, with the registration plates of his car covered up.
Mr Tashaya on July 7, fined him $100 or 20 days in prison for failing to display number plates. He further sentenced Ndebele to 12 months in prison for picking passengers at an undesignated place and banned him from driving for the rest of his life.
The Chronicle could not access the court papers for the case under file 134/07/17.
The sentence has evoked mixed reactions from the public and police, the former saying it was too harsh while the latter welcomed it.
Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango lauded the judiciary for sending a stern warning to kombi crews saying deterrent sentences can bring law and order on the city’s roads.
“We’ve had numerous operations against kombi crews picking passengers in areas such as 6th Avenue and Lobengula Street but our efforts become unsuccessful as the kombi crews will just pay a fine and return to pick passengers as if nothing had happened,” said Insp Simango.
“But now that the magistrate has imposed a deterrent sentence and banned the driver from driving, it is very encouraging. This should be a warning not just to drivers but employers as well.”
She said the police will continue arresting errant kombi crews who do not abide by city’s by-laws.
“We are not targeting kombi crews operating along 6th Avenue only but even pirating private vehicles. Some of the areas of concern include Fort 11 Flea Market and Fort Street, where passengers are picked illegally,” she said.
Kombi crews operating at the 6th Avenue spot said the court was too harsh in banning Ndebele from driving.
“They imprison him for a year and ban him from driving. This seems like double punishment. After imprisoning him why ban him from driving?” quizzed one Mthokozisi who also operates along 6th Avenue.
A driver who declined to be named said it was economically unviable for them to pick passengers at Basch Street Terminus, also known as Egodini, as clients were shunning the area.
“Even if we are to leave this area, the Honda Fit pirate taxis will take over. They have taken a lot of our business yet they don’t pay taxes.
“Actually this place is even safe for our customers who fear going to Egodini saying they risk being mugged as it’s dark especially at night,” said the driver.
The crews said the cat and mouse game they have been accustomed to will continue as they will risk being banned from driving instead of having their kids starve.
“After all some of the Honda Fit pirates that are taking over are owned by the police. We work for them. Some of these kombis are theirs. We don’t cover up number plates because we want to commit crimes but we are just evading the city council which is always pressing hard for us to stop using these undesignated points,” said another driver who identified himself as Mr Ndlovu.
Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle

Metallon Gold Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd, owners of How Mine and other gold mines in court on allegations of externalising more than US$30 million

Metallon Gold Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd, owners of How Mine near Bulawayo and other gold mines in the country, has been taken to court on allegations of externalising more than $30 million.
The Harare Magistrates’ Court yesterday heard how the company would transfer the money outside the country without authority from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe on the pretext it was repaying a loan.
At times it would claim it was paying for services rendered or paying its management.
It is also the State’s case that sometime in 2010, the company paid a dividend of $51 000 despite it having made a loss. It is further alleged that in 2012 it also declared a dividend of $25 000 000 whereas the company had an operating profit of less than the mentioned amount.
The company is represented in court by its secretary, Hapson Makotore.
The magistrate Ms Josphine Sande remanded the matter to August 30.
Harare lawyer Mr Evans Moyo is acting on behalf of the company.
In 2015, National Economic Conduct Inspectorate (NEIC) carried out an inspection into the business affairs of Metallon Gold following information alleging violation of exchange control regulations.
It was discovered that the company allegedly externalised $31 million.
The prosecution led by Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa alleged that during the period extending from January 2009 to December 2013, Metallon Gold Zimbabwe externalised a total of $9 932 365 to Redwing United Kingdom Limited on the pretext that it was payment for management and services rendered to it by Redwing United Kingdom.
From June 2011 to January 2012 the gold company allegedly paid out $5 800 000 to Stonhage Trust through Mtetwa and Nyambirai Trust disguised as loan payment whereas no such amount was due to Stonhage, the court heard.
It is the State’s case that Metallon Gold Zimbabwe also paid a dividend of $51 000 despite the company having made a loss.
It is further alleged that in 2012 it also declared a dividend of $25 000 000 whereas the company had an operating profit of less than the said amount.
By so doing, according to the State, the company financed a dividend from non- distributable reserves without exchange control approval.
During the period extending from June 2011 to January 2012, Metallon Gold Zimbabwe paid $87 871 to First Atlantic, a company which is outside Zimbabwe through Mtetwa and Nyambirai Trust disguised as loan repayment yet it did not owe First Atlantic.
They also heard that the company paid a dividend worth $12 200 000 to shareholders but failed to withhold tax payable to dividends paid to non-resident shareholders.
Also sometime in 2012, without lawful authority from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Exchange Control, the company allegedly wrote off advance loan of $7 717 000 as uncollectable thereby technically externalising $7 717 000 being loan advanced to its sister company in South Africa. Tendai Rupapa, chronicle

Businessman and socialite Wicknell Chivhayo – paid lobola (bride price) for his beau Sonja Madzikanda this weekend.

Wickaz1 (1)

Businessman and socialite Wicknell Chivhayo – more popularly known as Sir Wicknell – paid lobola (bride price) for his beau Sonja Madzikanda this weekend.

In a social media post Thursday, Chivayo boasted that he would be disappointed if his in-laws charged him less that $50,000 for lobola.


Zimbabwe’s tax agency in drive to recover externalised billions in undeclared assets kept by Zimbabwean citizens in foreign countries

Zimra (3)
Zimbabwe’s tax agency has said it wants to uncover billions of dollars in undeclared assets kept by Zimbabwean citizens in foreign countries amid a worsening liquidity crunch.
This comes as Zimbabweans have externalised billions of dollars, ranging from the relatively small bank deposits in neighbouring countries, to millions stashed in tax havens globally. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has reported that banks are holding on to only 2 percent of cash reserves against a benchmark of 15 percent.
“It is the revenue authority’s view that because of globalisation and the anti-money laundering laws currently in place worldwide, the RBZ can and should trace, follow and bring back what was irregularly externalised through the banking system,” Zimra chairperson Willia Bonyongwe said in the revenue performance report for the first half of 2017. Daily news

MUGABE arrives from Singapore, Grace dragged as Zim 1 sets off before she boards and mortorcade biker injured in dashing Grace to hospital

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s return home from a week-long trip abroad took a bizarre turn yesterday morning when one of the bikers in his motorcade was involved in a horrific accident, a few minutes after his wife was injured as their car took off from the Harare International Airport while her foot was still on the ground.
ZBC reported that Grace was involved in a “freak” accident at the airport soon after arriving with her husband from a medical trip to Singapore.
She was treated at Trauma Centre where she was accompanied by Mugabe and was later discharged.
The state broadcaster, quoting the president’s spokesperson George Charamba, did not elaborate on the nature of the accident but a source who was at the airport when it happened, said Grace’s leg was dragged by the speeding car commonly known as Zim1
“The driver took off before the first lady had fully embarked,” the source said. “One of her legs was still outside and she was dragged for a few metres before he stopped. I think the injuries were minor.”
The source said there was no immediate explanation on what caused the mishap.
As if that was not enough, Mugabe’s motorcade encountered another mysterious incident a few kilometres from the airport involving the biker.
The outrider was left for dead in the yet-to-be explained accident as they passed One Commando barracks.
According to a source who attended the scene of the accident, the outrider’s elbows were heavily bruised and that suggested that he rolled several times.
Last night there were conflicting statements about his condition with some saying he was in bad shape.
Sources said the accident could have been caused by speeding as Mugabe was now rushing his wife to hospital.
“There was no evidence that the bike hit an object, nor that another car encroached onto his lane and there was no possibility that he could have hit a pole,” the source said.
“It was not clear what pole or object he hit. Yes, he could have been travelling at high speed, possibly ranging between 140km and 180km per hour but the damage on the person was not relative to the damage on the bike.
“It was also not clear if the biker was alone with no other cars in the vicinity? But there was definitely no car to prove that there was encroachment. The question – what did the biker hit remained lingering?”
Charamba last night confirmed the accidents but said he did not know if the outrider was killed or not. He said the outrider could have hit a car.
“Yes, I was driving from behind and just saw that an incident had happened. I only got to know about it later,” he said.
“I gather that the outrider rammed into an Isuzu but I did not check his condition because I was rushing to the hospital with the first lady.”
“She was very fortunate and saved by the shoe, which slipped off her leg otherwise it could have been worse,” he said.
“She went to Trauma Centre and was attended before being discharged. She only spent an hour there and she is at home now.”
On Friday afternoon another biker allegedly hit a private car near State House.
Two months ago, a BMW bike outrider who was part of Mugabe’s motorcade was badly injured after crashing into a Toyota Corolla vehicle while trying to clear traffic for the president’s motorcade, which was on its way to State House.
In May last year; one of Mugabe’s outriders also rammed into a commuter omnibus while again clearing traffic for Mugabe’s motorcade. The commuter omnibus driver was charged with negligent driving.
Another Mugabe outrider died in 2012 when his bike caught fire near Sam Levy village, Borrowdale, in the capital.
During the same year, a male passenger in a minibus died after a police lead vehicle clearing traffic ahead of Mugabe’s motorcade crashed into a commuter minibus carrying 22 passengers, injuring 15 other people including two police officers.
Another Mugabe outrider also hit a homeless man while the Zanu-PF leader was on his way to his Zvimba rural home the same year. The man later died.
On his return from Zvimba, an open army Land Cruiser truck carrying members of the presidential guard had a burst tyre, overturned and killed Jeoffrey Mukotekwa and injured several others.
Meanwhile, Mugabe has cancelled a trip to Mutare where he was scheduled to address over 100 000 members of the Johanne Marange Apostolic Church today, with Charamba citing jet leg.
The 93-year-old ruler was also forced to cancel a rally that was set for Lupane in Matabeleland North last Friday because he was receiving medical treatment in Singapore.
“It was a proposal (Marange trip), which I personally felt was not feasible given that he was away and affected by jet leg,” Charamba said.
“I have just checked with the presidency, he is no longer going there, kindly note, this is not anyway related to the first lady incident.
“He is no longer going there because of the jet leg as you know the flight between Harare and Singapore is six hours so obviously he needs time to rest. He says he can’t make it.
Mugabe spent a week in Singapore where he was making a third visit this year.
Source – the standard

PHOTOS: A Mushumbi primary pupil, went berserk, attacking pupils and teachers, destroying windows before police used maximum force to subdue him

IMG-20170716-WA0022 (1)
A grade six pupil at Mushumbi primary school in Mbire district, Mashonaland Central, allegedly went berserk and started attacking other pupils including three teachers before destroying window panels.
The boy (name withheld) is reported to have caused the havoc soon after break time around 11am forcing the headmaster to dismiss the whole school and calling the police to help apprehend him.
One of the teachers at the school who spoke in confidentiality said the boy was so possessed to the extent of almost killing one of the teachers who tried to restrain him from assaulting others.
“We were shell shocked to see the boy assaulting his colleagues three teachers tried to restrain his but to no avail instead on the teachers identified as M r Zinyemba escaped death by a whisker when he was grabbed by the throat only to be released when he was motionless.
“Villagers and teachers failed to apprehend him and called the police who used maximum force in handcuffing him after he had destroyed window panels.
When visited the school, almost quarter of the schools window panels were destroyed including the headmasters office.
Meanwhile, Schools heads were advised to be on the watch out of strange happenings in schools at a Heads meeting held in Mbire on Friday.
by Simbarashe Sithole

‘CONTROVERSIAL MORDERN DAY IMPERIALISM’-Advocacy for new birth control program, from a practising Catholic Melinda Gates, billionaire Bill Gates wife


Philanthropist , co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda Gates the wife of billionaire Bill Gates, a woman who is a practising catholic is now shrouded in controversy with her advocacy for poor women in the third world.

Melinda Gates is advocating an ambitious family planning program in which billions of dollars will be raised to provide contraceptives to a total of 120 million women worldwide.

Contraception for Catholics church is mired in controversy, and Melindas contraception plan to empower women flies directly into the face of Catholic teachings and places her in a potential challenge to the position sold globe wide by the Pope.

There are many who view billionaire Melinda gates position as an unwelcome stance by a filthy rich individual to push her school of thought over third world governments using the power of her money, in a sense her advocacy for new birth control program, is simply ‘mordern day imperialism’

This has triggered debate over the political implication and the fact that church is actually dictating issues about a woman’s body and the real and pending threat of population control which is good in a sense but bad when used to control the prevailing politics particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, using the power of wealth.

These regions of the globe are well known third world areas with high maternal and infant mortality rates and unsurprisingly a very low use of contraceptive measures.

The ‘Discerning eye newzimbabwevision’ says birth control is a necessary evil to protect the planet and give future generations a better future, however caution must be exercised throughout and those with the money, must engage the recipient governments and women as the final users of the contraception in progressive debate about the contraceptive program.

Birth control topping the agenda of debates now, dangerously borders on depopulating the third world particularly Africans, admittedly the source of mass migration to Europe which we saw last year with hundreds of thousands fleeing, war, hunger, starvation, unemployment, persecution and natural disasters from Africa. Such a contraceptive measure is in other people’s views, a way of depopulating, lowering suffering, unemployment and stemming the flow of immigrants from the third world. Let your voice be heard on this matter,..’DISCUSS!’ By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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