Prosecutor general, Johannes Tomana rules out resigning-‘Handiende!!’


Under fire Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana has dug in his heels declaring he would not be haunted into resigning from his post following his alleged gaffe over the age of sexual consent.

Tomana last week torched a fierce storm after he was quoted as saying children below the age of 16 could legally consent to sex and marriage.

He indicated his statement had been misinterpreted and politicised to force him out of government but vowed to hang on despite the heavy criticism.

Tomana has also refused to clarify controversial parts of his recorded speech on the issue that 12 years can consent to sex.

Tiomana said he would not continue discussing the issue with the paper because it was making “fun out of him”. He said his earlier clarification on the matter was framed as a “climb down” a view which he said suggested that the Herald was sticking to its earlier story.

Meanwhile, children’s rights activists have called for an immediate firing or resignation of Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana over his controversial views on child marriages.
Source: newsday

‘I knew nothing about gukurahundi as I was only, the speaker of parliament’-Mutasa



FORMER intelligence minister Didymus Mutasa has revealed his disdain for VP Emmerson Mnangagwa who is widely seen as the engineer of the demise of the Joice Mujuru faction to which Mutasa belongs.

Mutasa told the South African Sunday Independent newspaper that Mnangagwa never won an election.

“He (Mnangagwa) never won an election for that post. Mugabe appointed him, and he is not popular. He can’t win elections,” said Mutasa.

Mutasa also revealed for the first time that the MDC-T actually won the 2008 election by a narrow margin.

Zanu-PF people were so shocked by the result that he, as security minister, rushed to protect President Robert Mugabe at the State House.

According to the report, Mutasa denied any knowledge of specific events such as Gukurahundi.

On the 1980s Gukurahundi genocide he said: “I did not know about Gukurahundi as I was Speaker of Parliament in Harare for the first 10 years of independence.

“We didn’t speak about it in parliament. No one told me about it. I would only know about violence if I read it in the newspapers,” Mutasa said.

Mutasa, who is now guarded by private security after he was fired from government and Zanu PF, admits that he is now aware that his former party is violent.

“I do now know that Zanu-PF did violence. And cheated in elections. But both sides did violence, I accept it was mostly Zanu-PF violence. I am very sorry about that.”

“Zimbabwe has become a miserable place. I say this about the state, my country,” Mutasa said.

“Now everybody is broke. The economy is broke, mining, agriculture, and we should have done something about that 10 years ago. “Now it is too late.”
Source: online/ bulawayo24


‘Grace Mugabe’s son ‘Russel Goreraza’ falsifies court submissions to escape jail’


First Lady Grace Mugabe’s first born son Russell Goreraza allegedly made misrepresentation at the Harare Magistrates Court over his marital status in a reported bid to walk away with a lenient sentence after being recently convicted of culpable homicide.

Goreraza allegedly misled the court two weeks ago when he appeared before Harare provincial magistrate Vakayi Douglas Chikwekwe on a charge of fatally running over a city vagrant.

However NewsDay claims that it has it on good record that Goreraza’s divorce matter was still pending at the High Court under case number HC11013/14.

According to the court papers, President Robert Mugabe’s step son filed for divorce against Gladys Chiedza Goreraza (nee Chiwaya) on December 11 last year and the matter was yet to be entertained by the judges of the High Court.

Goreraza told the court that he was a divorcee who was looking after his minor child with his “former” wife.

Goreraza’s submission, however, persuaded Chikwekwe to spare him a jail term and instead fined him $800 for an offence which often attracts incarceration and cancellation of the driver’s licence or prohibition from driving for a certain period. Source: newsday.

photo-First Lady Grace Mugabe’s son Russell Goreraza-nehanda radio

Former soccer star – Charles Sibanda in Mpilo Central Hospital after car crash


Former soccer star of the year – Charles Sibanda survived a car crush on Sunday and is currently hospitalised at Mpilo Central Hospital.

Information gleaned by indicate that Sibanda, a How Mine player broke his ribs when a car he was in was involved in an accident along Nketa Drive in Bulawayo.

This comes weeks after his former Highlanders team-mate Mthulisi Maphosa survived a horrifying accident after his car Honda CVR burst the front tyre after hitting a Thobekile Zhou. source-bulawayo24

photo-Charles Sibanda-nehanda radio

‘Brighton Matimba’, the MDC T coordinator of welfare department has died.


The MDC-T has official announced the death of its member Brighton Matimba who was the coordinator of welfare department in the party.

The party through its official facebook page announce that It is with deep regret that it announces the death of  Matimba, the party’s head of the Welfare Department.

“Matimba was a dedicated party cadre who served the MDC with distinction since 1999,” reads the post.

“He was the key man in the provision of assistance and looking into the welfare of all victims of Zanu PF and State brutality throughout the country. He will be sorely missed in the party.”

The party said mourners are gathered at No//5469, Manyame Park, St Marys, Chitungwiza.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Matimba family in this sad hour,” reads the post. by Stephen Jakes. Bulawayo24

Nicholas Goche’s son dies in South africa.


Former Zanu PF hawk, Nicholas Goche’s son, Nicholas (jnr) Goche reportedly died in South Africa last week after collapsing at his apartment.

According to close family sources that did not want to be quoted, Nicholas (jnr) died in South Africa after collapsing and fracturing his skull at his flat in Morningside, South Africa.

Information availed to reporters is that Nicholas (jnr) was chatting with a relative on Sunday 14 June 2015 and suddenly went quit.

This prompted the relative to rush to his flat. The relative broke into the flat and found Nicholas (jnr) lying down which prompted the relative to call an Ambulance which responded after some time.

“Doctors had to put him in a medically induced coma but he succumbed to to the injuries during the week,” said the source.

Nicholas has been on kidney dialysis for sometime.

According to the state controlled Chronicle his father is said to have skipped a meeting in Victoria Falls on Saturday.

People were told that Goche has lost his son.

During Zanu-PF’s great purge in 2014, Goche (senior) was fingered by the current Zanu-PF leadership as the brains behind former vice president, Joice Mujuru’s faction, which they accused of hatching a plan to topple President Robert Mugabe from office.

Goche was said to have approached hit-men in foreign lands to assassinate the Zanu-PF leader, who recently assumed the African Union chairmanship.

Upon being confronted by President Mugabe over the issue, Goche denied the accusations, laying the blame on the State media for fabricating the allegations.

The weeks that followed saw his political career lie in ruins. He failed to land a position in the Zanu-PF policy-making organ – the Central Committee – after he was barred from contesting by militant youths in Bindura.

His health also took a battering. He spent the entire duration of the Zanu-PF congress in the intensive care of a local private hospital gravely ill following what insiders say was a hypertension attack.
The attack could have been precipitated by accusations of working against his boss. by Thobekile Zhou. Source: Byo24News

photo-nicholas Goche-newsday

US $4 million disappears from war veteran’s pension and education fund


Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime, has initiated an audit of the war veteran’s pension and education fund in an investigation that seeks to determine what has happened to a whopping US$4 million which disappeared from the Zimbabwe’s war veteran’s pension and education fund.

Currently, there are indications that the war veterans are furious due to non disbursement of their monthly payouts and education allowances for some months, a situation explained by the lack of funds.

War veterans argue that some of their children have been forced out of education even though the War Veterans and Pension fund department was allocated US$4 million , money which suddenly cannot be traced any longer.

Corruption, theft of resources and the lack of accountability are generally a well recognised hall mark of Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime and this comes as no surprise to anyone. Sibusiso Ngwenya​

‘Thomson Kachingwe’, Thomas Mapfumo’s former manager dies in Canada


Zimbabweans based in Canada are currently raising funds to repatriate to Zimbabwe the body of Thomson Kachingwe, a former manager of chimurenga music legend Thomas Mapfumo who passed away in Toronto on May 31.

The body of the veteran 61-year-old music personality is expected to be flown to Zimbabwe next week.

Kachingwe, who managed the Blacks Unlimited soon after independence, chauffeured reggae legend Bob Marley after his historic performance at Zimbabwe’s independence celebrations held at Rufaro Stadium in 1980.

According to Thomas Mapfumo’s just-released biography titled Lion Songs: Thomas Mapfumo and the music that made Zimbabwe, written by American Banning Eyre, Kachingwe came to the rescue of Marley and the Wailers after they had somehow been “forgotten” by their hosts.

“After the ceremony (independence celebrations), a joyful chaos reigned. Bob Marley and the Wailers were strangely abandoned. Job (Kadengu who owned Job’s Nitespot) and the other hosts rushed off to private parties and balls….the Jamaicans had been left at the mercy of Thomson Kachingwe, not the best chauffeur, as he knew neither the directions to the band house or how to operate a manual transmission truck in which the musicians were travelling,” reads part of Mapfumo’s biography.

The riveting biography further adds that Marley and Wailers were very disappointed by the manner in which the police teargassed thousands who were trying to force their way into Rufaro Stadium to see the Jamaicans perform.

“…the police responded instinctively, firing round after round of tear gas to drive back the advancing mob. The wind lofted noxious fumes into the stadium, and soon there was the spectacle of cabinet ministers, members of Parliament and foreign dignitaries coughing, weeping and burying their faces in handkerchiefs …Marley seemed the last to notice, closing his eyes as if in a trance and forging on until at last he was overwhelmed and left the stage.

“After 40 minutes the gas fumes cleared and the band briefly returned to the stage , minus the singing I-Threes…Marley sang  War and the inevitable Zimbabwe but his heart had gone out of the performance. Blending English, Portuguese  and even a word of Shona, Marley put on a brave face, saluted the crowd and exited.” Source: dailynews

photo-Thomas Mapfumo’s former manager, Thomson Kachingwe-mafaro

Jonathan Moyo, and Saviour Kasukuwere in deadly Zanu PF , Mugabe succession feud


As Zanu-PF’s deadly factional and succession wars continue to rip the former liberation movement apart, it has emerged that supporters of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa are ratcheting up the pressure on senior party officials Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere, including allegedly frantically trying to convince President Robert Mugabe to drop them from Cabinet.

Well-placed sources who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday yesterday claimed that there was a renewed effort to see to it that the two politburo members and Cabinet ministers were “stopped dead in their tracks”, amid allegations by Mnangagwa’s supporters that they were opposed to the party strongman succeeding Mugabe.

“Jonathan and Tyson (Kasukuwere’s nickname) think that they are clever. They have been plotting to put spanners in the works of Ngwena (Mnangagwa’s nickname) and it is now time to see to it that the two leading Weevils are turfed out once and for all,” a senior party official believed to be in Mnangagwa’s camp said yesterday.

He claimed that it had not been a coincidence that all Zanu-PF and government officials who were linked to Mnangagwa were allegedly receiving negative press coverage in the media and being “disadvantaged” at party level — blaming Moyo and Kasukuwere for these “acts of sabotage”.

The official cited a number of recent events that he claimed highlighted “this untenable state of affairs” which allegedly needed remedying as soon as possible.

These included this week’s story that spotlighted Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana’s controversial views on the age of sexual consent, the unfolding drama surrounding Keith Guzah’s disputed victory in the June 10 by-elections in Hurungwe West, the recent nasty spat between Moyo and maverick personality Goodson Nguni, and the appearance in Parliament last week by Brainworks Capital over its consultancy to the government on indigenisation.

“Fortunately for Ngwena, the two (Moyo and Kasukuwere) have made and continue to make many mistakes both at party level and within the government. We will nail them,” the senior Zanu-PF official said, further hinting that a supposedly pending Cabinet reshuffle would “deal with them”.

In the Tomana case, the Prosecutor General, who is alleged to be in Mnangagwa’s camp, has since made a 180-degree turn on his recorded statements last week — which courted serious societal umbrage — that children under the age of 12 could consent to sex, and that marriage was an option for under-age girls from deprived socio-economic backgrounds.

He has also since insinuated that there was a political conspiracy, ostensibly by Moyo, to get him removed from office.

“When I read the Chronicle I didn’t believe it, but when I read The Herald I was shocked! The Herald is supposed to be the national flagship and carry Government policy in truth. It is supposed to protect Government institutions . . . it is supposed to protect the Prosecutor-General,” Tomana complained in an interview with the media yesterday.

The Zanu-PF official who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday yesterday claimed that it was allegedly clear that the original Tomana story had been carried by State to damage both the Prosecutor General and Mnangagwa.

“There is no doubt that they want Tomana out and by so doing they want to weaken Ngwena. It won’t happen,” he said.

In the Brainworks Capital saga, legislators are probing the company’s provision of consultancy services to the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board (Nieeb) in projects worth billions of dollars without having gone to tender.

The firm was controversially contracted by Nieeb, then ultimately under the political leadership of Kasukuwere who was Indigenisation minister at the time, to provide advisory services in the indigenisation of various mining giants that include Zimplats, Unki, Mimosa and Blanket Mine among others.

The consultancy firm charged up to two percent of the total share value of the companies, which could have seen Brainworks being paid millions of dollars if its advice had been taken on board.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment which is probing the matter is chaired by Zanu-PF MP for Gokwe-Nembudziya, Justice Mayor Wadyajena — who is seen as a close Mnangagwa ally.

A legislator sympathetic to Kasukuwere claimed yesterday that in his view, the probe was “nothing more than a witch hunt against Tyson” with the intention of portraying the now Water Affairs minister as corrupt.

“There could be issues in the saga but the way this is being looked into raises eyebrows as the intention is seemingly to crucify him (Kasukuwere). This can’t be right,” the MP said.

There are also attempts to place Kasukuwere at the centre of the Guzah by-elections shenanigans which if proven true could see the newly-elected Hurungwe West legislator losing his seat.

However, if this happens, this will also pile further pressure on the country’s beleaguered electoral body, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), as well as on Mugabe and Zanu-PF who for long have had to deal with damaging allegations from the country’s opposition and civil society organisations that they always cheat their way to power.

The allegations will also do little to dampen the ruling party’s deadly and seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars that have seen the brutal purging of many of its senior officials, including former Vice President Joice Mujuru – amid untested claims that they plotted to oust and kill Mugabe.

Investigations by the Daily News on Sunday’s sister paper, the Daily News, last week suggested that Guzah may not have been a registered voter in Hurungwe West, a development that would automatically disqualify him from Parliament if proven to be true.
Source: dailynews

photo- Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa and Information minister Jonathan Moyon-nehandaradio-

Zanu-PF Hurungwe West winner, Keith Guzah ,scandal and dispute with Mliswa deepens


The damaging claims that Zanu-PF winning candidate for Hurungwe West Keith Guzah may not have been registered to vote in the constituency in last week’s by-elections – which could see him losing his parliamentary seat – has taken a new twist.

The ruling party is now shifting the blame for the debacle to the beleaguered Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), accusing the Rita Makarau-led electoral body of sleeping on the job and doing a shoddy job of its work.

Zanu-PF interim chairperson for Mashonaland West Ziyambi Ziyambi yesterday tore into Zec for failing to discharge its mandate effectively.

“Keith Guzah fully complied with all the requirements. It is as simple as that. For you to vote in a particular area you must be a registered voter in that area. When you meet all the requirements and then submit your papers you don’t have anything more to do. What remains is for Zec to do its job,” Ziyambi said.

But just as Guzah did when he was pressed by the Daily News on Thursday to reveal whether and where he had voted, Ziyambi also ducked the key questions yesterday, preferring to lay any problems that may have arisen on Zec.

“It is not our problem that Zec made blunders. Zec has to sort out whatever problems it has. Maybe someone was not doing his job,” Ziyambi said.

Contacted for comment, Zec chairperson Makarau said she was in Cape Town, in South Africa, referring all questions to her chief elections officer, Constance Chigwamba — who in turn asked the Daily News to put its questions in writing, promising to respond to them only on Monday.

But Makarau has already made it clear that anyone who had a registration slip, as Guzah has claimed he had, did not qualify to vote in the June 10 by-elections boycotted by the country’s main opposition.

Confronted with the allegation that Guzah did not appear on the electronic voters’ roll that had been supplied to Mliswa by Zec, Ziyambi — who is also the deputy minister of Home Affairs — said the fact remained that their candidate’s papers were in order.

“He registered in Hurungwe and they accepted his nomination papers because he was duly registered. My conscience is clear on that,” he said.

If it is established to be true that Guzah was not registered to vote, not only will he lose his seat, it will pile further pressure on Zec, as well as on President Robert Mugabe and Zanu-PF who for long have had to deal with damaging allegations from the country’s opposition and civil society organisations that they always cheat their way to power.

The allegations will also do little to dampen the ruling party’s deadly and seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars that have seen the brutal purging of many of its senior officials, including former Vice President Joice Mujuru — amid untested claims that they plotted to oust and kill Mugabe.

Investigations by the Daily News have suggested that Guzah may not have been registered to vote in Hurungwe West, amid increasing doubts about whether he ended up voting in the by-election — a development that would mean that his political nemesis and losing independent candidate for the seat, Temba Mliswa, would be declared the new MP for Hurungwe West under the country’s electoral laws.

But despite all the information to the contrary that is in possession of the Daily News, Guzah himself is adamant that he voted — saying he used a voter registration slip to do so.

However, he would not name the polling station where he cast his vote when pressed to do so by the Daily News.

“Temba anotaurisa zvakawanda (Temba Mliswa talks too much). If I did not vote, how then did I qualify at the nomination court? I am not going to respond to cheap politics coming from a losing MP. I am not going to make comments on that,” Guzah said.

Pressed further whether his name was on the voters’ roll, he said he had used his registration slip to vote, something that Makarau emphatically said was not possible.

“Nobody was allowed to vote using registration slips during the by-elections,” Makarau said firmly on Thursday.

Constitutional law expert and professor of law at the University of Zimbabwe, Lovemore Madhuku, chipped in and said the Electoral Law was very clear when it came to the qualification of a person to be a parliamentary candidate.

“If you are not on the voters’ roll, and if it is true that he is not on the roll then it means the election is null and void. He cannot be the MP for the area.

“The Constitution in section 125 makes it clear that for one to be MP he or she must be 21 and above and must be a registered voter. The Electoral Act says clearly that for one to be a candidate one must be a registered voter in that particular area,” Madhuku said.

He added that if it turned out that Guzah was not on the voters’ roll, “his election is not only null but he could face arrest because he misled the nomination court”.

“There is a nomination form that prospective candidates must fill in and if you declare that you are registered when you are not this could have serious legal implications,” the respected academic-cum-politician said.

The Daily News was also told by Zanu-PF sources as it investigated the matter that senior party officials that include secretary for the commissariat Saviour Kasukuwere and secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo had allegedly been aware that Guzah was not a registered voter a long time ago, but had chosen to ignore — allegedly arguing that “they could circumvent the legal issue as has become the norm in the party”.

When the Daily News further put it to Guzah that he had in fact been turned away at Rengwe Polling Station as had been the case with other prospective voters who had intended to use registration slips to vote, Guzah said he would rather focus on the future than the past.

“I am not going to listen to whatever will come from Mliswa. I need to serve people first. What is important is I focus on developmental issues affecting the people of Hurungwe, things like hospitals and infrastructure. I voted, I had a slip,” Guzah said.

On his part, Mliswa has said that he had also been informed that his rival did not vote.

“Reports that I received say Guzah did not vote and I am weighing my options,” he said.
Source: dailynews

photo-Temba Mliswa-herald
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