Russian Firm ‘Glernaton’ Allegedly Mining Diamonds Along Mbembesi River For Past Two Years


A RUSSIAN company Glernaton is reportedly mining diamonds along Mbembesi River in Bubi, Matabeleland North for the past two years.

Bubi district environmental officer Mr Sydney Muyambi confirmed  the development.

“There is a Russian company called Glernaton, which comes along Mbembesi river exploring for garnet, which is a rock which forms in an area where there are diamonds. Every year they come looking for that mineral,” Mr Muyambi said.

Garnet is a precious stone, but describes a group of several closely related minerals.

Garnets come in a variety of colours and have many different varieties. However, the most widely-known colour of garnet gemstones is dark red.
Mines and Mining Development Deputy Minister told Sunday News that there were numerous kimberlite pipes in Bubi but said the distribution stretches up to Binga district.

“Of course there are kimberlites in Bubi which stretch up to Lupane and Binga, this is indicated by our traditional geological map. I am, however, not aware that there is a company that is mining for garnet but garnets are a host for diamonds,” Moyo said.
Source: Sunday News

How And Why Events In Greece Affect Us In Zimbabwe-By Ian Beddowes

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The internationalized banking system began to run out of control following the deregulation of the banks round about 1980 with the coming to power of Reagan in the United States and Thatcher in the United Kingdom. Deregulation means (among many other things) that money you put into the banks for safe-keeping can be used by bankers for speculation. If they win, you gain nothing. if they lose, you lose. It furher means no limits on interest charged. In the old days, including in Zimbabwe, we had the ‘duplum’ law. This means that even if compound interest builds up over a number of years, the most that a bank or other financial institution can charge is double the original amout borrowed: thus if you borrow $100 000, you cannot pay back more than $200 000. This law has fallen by the wayside and even where it exixts, is rarely being enforced.
The IMF and the World Bank were estabished after the Second World War to assist post-War construction. The person whose idea this was was the moderate capitalist economist John Maynard Keynes. He can be seen as the father of the social democratic system of welfare state capitalism which operated in Western Europe from 1945 until about 1980.
Those running the IMF and the World Bank today are of a different mould. they represent the predatory bankers who have made unprecedented profits at the expense of productive industry the working class and the poor, insisting on state owned assets being privatized and hived off to “business people”.
In Zimbabwe, this happened to us in 1991. The Rhodesians, for all their racism, set up a relatively independent national economy which Zimbabwe inherited in 1980. In the years between 1980 and 1991, Most of what we bought in Zimbabwe was made in Zimbabwe. There was state ownership of the commanding heights of the economy and Milk Marketing Board, Cotton Marketing Board were co-operatively run by producers. Our cotton was spun in Zimbabwe, woven into cloth in Zimbabwe and tailored into quality clothing in Zimbabwe.
Then came ESAP. A little later came the ‘indigenous’ banks. These banks which collapsed in 2004, were created at a time when productive industry was in decline. Old Mutual a financial institution owned by those who used it was ‘demutualized’.
We cannot have any meaningful development in Zimbabwe without control of the banking sector. We see how the ZANU(PF) government runs desperately from China to the West then to South Africa loooking for assistance. they do not know that money is meaningless without production. They have not learned the lessons of hyper-inflation.
The Zimbabwe Communist League is the only Zimbabwean political organization with a cohesive economic recovery plan designed to build a National Democratic Economy. We cannot carry out this plan without examining both our own banking system and our relationship to the international banking system. We therefore welcome the establishment of the BRICS New Development Bank and the establishment of a centre in Johannesburg. We do not think, by the way, that it is the perfect cure for all our ills. But it is a welcome alternative to the now completely predatory and ruinous Western banking system.
It is with our own problems in mind that we follow with keen interest developments in Greece and other countries and their relationship to the banking system. In doing so we continue to remind Zimbabweans that as much as we need to be clear about the banking system in Zimbabwe and the world as a whole, that PRODUCTION must always take precedence over money. By Ian Beddowes

photo-Ian Beddowes  in the forefront in yellow Zapu Tshirt

Shocking News:-Baby Dumping Contributes To 50% Of Harare Sewer Plant Blockages


HARARE sewer workers are coming across a dumped foetus every fortnight, Council’s waste water manager Simon Muserere has revealed.

According to the Standard, Muserere said during a tour of the city’s Firle Farm sewage processing plant in Harare on Friday, that the misuse of the sewage system through acts such as baby dumping contributed to about 50% of blockages.

“At least once every two weeks we come across a foetus that would have been dumped in the sewages.

“In 2004 we came across three bodies of men with hands tied behind their backs. We have also come across one middle-aged woman whom we think may have been murdered,” he said.

“That is just part of the challenges that we encounter here at the plant. We have huge deposits of clothes, spoons, rags, brooms and a lot of other stuff that should never be found in the sewer.  Source: the standard

‘President Jacob Zuma’s Cattle Enjoy A Better Life Than Many South Africans’-Mmusi Maimane

DA’s new black leader Mmusi Maimane has lashed out at the African National Congress and President Jacob Zuma, saying under Zuma’s leadership South Africa has experienced a massive decline in living standards, News24 reported.

Maimane was speaking at the Eastwood Hall in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday as he concluded a three-legged schedule which began in KwaMashu Township, Durban, moved to Howick in the Midlands before concluding in Pietermaritzburg.

“What we see is that Zuma has managed to build a massive house for himself, where his cattle enjoy a better life when compared to many people in this country, and this is not the dream we had for South Africa underand Thabo Mbeki,” said Maimane.

He accused the ANC under Zuma of failing in many areas, including education, crime, corruption and unemployment as one the biggest challenges facing the country. Source: news24

photo-President Jacob Zuma with part of his herd of cattle at his home in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal, by Simphiwe Nkwali.timeslive

Jabulani Sibanda, Mliswa Steal The Thunder At Dzamara Prayer Meeting


Former Hurungwe MP Temba Mliswa and ex-war veterans’ leader, Jabulani Sibanda stole the thunder at the Itai Dzamara prayer meeting yesterday where loud calls for Zimbabweans to take drastic measures to end their suffering at the hands of President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF government were heard.

Sibanda and Mliswa got a standing ovation, particularly each time the name People First was mentioned. Ousted former vice-President Joice Mujuru and ex-Zanu PF secretary for administration snubbed the even.

The two expelled former Zanu-PF officials shared the platform at Zimbabwe grounds with several other opposition leaders, among them MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Mavambo/Kusile leader Simba Makoni who joined thousands of people who attended a prayer meeting in solidarity with the missing Dzamara and his family. They hugged, shook hands and chatted with the MDC-T officials.

Addressing thousands of people from across the political divide, including church and civic society members, Sibanda said decisive measures needed to be taken to rescue the country from continuing on its political and economic free fall.

“We need an operation to remove what we want to achieve, not a painkiller. We have taken painkiller after painkiller, painkiller after painkiller, lets remove what is the problem, we can’t have painkiller after painkiller,” he said.

“God is saying we have been sleeping for too long, this is the time for people to unite and put your parties and positions aside and find a common objective for Zimbabwe.”

Dzamara was abducted in March this year by suspected state agents and four months later, his whereabouts are still not known.

Sibanda said the over 90% of the country’s population were unemployed, warning that in years to come, this 90% will translate into older people with no pension, describing this as a potential crisis.

He said Western embassies have been vocal, calling for return of Dzamara but urged them to be also vocal in calling for justice in judging for those involved in the Matabeleland massacre, known as Gukurahundi that left more than 20 000 people dead.

Using quotes from the Bible, he pleaded for unity and dialogue to bring the walls of repression in Zimbabwe.

“Come, let us reason together, come let us reason together. These words my brothers and sisters, come from God. My brother, president of the MDC-T and Amai Tsvangirai, these words come from God, come let us reason together, my sister from Matabeleland (Thokozani) Khupe, right from Manicaland, Makoni, all the chiefs, God is saying, come lets reason together,” said Sibanda.

“All journalists here some write with responsibility while others don’t, but God is saying, come lets reason together. For the first time in our country, people now know if one of us in not there, one of us is missing. I am a war veteran and I fought for democracy in this country,” he said.

Mliswa encouraged youths to be strong and fight tyranny and challenged MPs to call Mugabe to respond on the disappearance of Dzamara.

“Sometimes I feel we are cowards. We are the vanguards of our political parties as youths but let’s be vanguards of Zimbabwe. This should not happen to anyone,” Mliswa said.

“Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa said this in Parliament but he is not good enough, the President must comment. I don’t know what’s wrong with MPs; do you want me to come back? Request a Q and A with the President and the first question to ask him should be ‘where is Itai Dzamara’?”

Mliswa donated a tonne of maize to the Dzamara family.

Tsvangirai, who spoke last said he never dreamt of sharing the platform with the likes of Sibanda.

“We have not seen this in Zimbabwe, we want to thank Itai, whether dead or alive for uniting us to fight dictatorship and oppression of people of Zimbabwe,” he said.

“For the first time there is national convergence on what needs to be done in Zimbabwe. Remove the cause, not the symptoms. Never again shall a person disappear without a trace. He (Itai) did not enjoy freedom after expression.” Source: The Standard

Itai Dzamara Rally: Jabulani Sibanda, And Temba Mliswa Urge Popular Action Against Mugabe


We can’t continue to take pain-killers … Jabulani Sibanda addresses the crowd RELATED STORIES Tsvangirai, 100s attend Dzamara prayer rally Rise and demand Dzamara, urges Sikhala Dzamara family invites Mujuru, Tsvangirai France minister nudges govt on Dzamara Dzamara colleague eyes parliament seat Moyo likens Dzamara to UK and Syria ousted.  Zanu PF politicians Jabulani Sibanda and Temba Mliswa on Saturday made a rare damascene moment when they urged Zimbabweans to cast their fears aside and confront President Robert Mugabe’s oppressive regime. The two were part of an estimated 2,000 strong crowd that converged at Zimbabwe Grounds in Harare to pray for abducted good governance activist Itai Dzamara’s safe return. Sibanda took to the podium amid wild cheers from a predominantly MDC-T crowd and missed no opportunity to rail on President Mugabe and his regime. “When leaders are elected into power, they forget where they came from; they forget their powers came from the people. “They think power is now their personal and family property,” said the former war veterans’ leader. Sibanda said he was touched by seeing Zimbabweans from all provinces coming together for one cause. He continued: “The question is, for 35 years we never knew we are Zimbabweans, for 35 years we never stopped to imagine how the next person felt.” The once fierce Mugabe defender, who punctuated his Shona address with Biblical references advocating uprising, said he was dismayed at seeing that Zimbabweans felt better off looking for means to manage their miseries under the current regime instead of confronting the real beast. “We are going after pain killer after pain killer, pain killer after pain killer, pain killer after pain killer, pain killer after pain killer, pain killer after pain killer, pain killer after pain killer; bvisa zvinoda kubviswa!” he said to deafening applause. “God says you are sleeping too much … macomrades zvandinoreva apa ndeizvi (Comrades what I mean is that), this is the time for people to unite countrywide … “ … this is the time to forget what is your party, forget who you are, forget your post, know the people of Zimbabwe’s aspirations,” said the politician, who was dislodged from Zanu PF after aligning himself with a party faction fronted by ousted Vice President Joice Mujuru. Not to be outdone was Mliswa who said Zimbabwean youths should emulate veterans like the late ZANLA commander Josiah Tongogara who refused to be continuously oppressed by the colonial white regime. “People like Tongogara refused to be oppressed,” said Mliswa. “Why are you sitting idle in the face of similar oppression? Advertisement “Why do we behave like cowards? Youth is the vanguard of your political party but you must transcend from a political party to be the vanguard of Zimbabwe. “My challenge to you is that you must now wear the hat to say I shall now be the vanguard of Zimbabwe. “What happened to Itai must not happen to any other person but if you remain silent, it is problematic.” Mliswa challenged MDC-T legislators to demand President Mugabe’s appearance in parliament during the question and answer session to be grilled on Dzamara’s disappearance. The former Zanu PF Mashonaland West chair and successful farmer ended his address with a pledge to donate a tonne of maize from his latest yield to Dzamara’s family. MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai said he was overwhelmed by the rare moment where he was now sharing the same platform and speaking the same language with Sibanda. “I have never imagined sharing a platform with a Zimbabwean son called Jabulani Sibanda,” Tsvangirai said. “This is unprecedented in Zimbabwe. I want to thank you Itai whether you are dead or alive for uniting the children of Zimbabwe in the spirit of fighting dictatorship and the suppression of the people of Zimbabwe.” by Staff Reporter . source-newzimbabwe.

photo The two amigos … Temba Mliswa and Jabulani Sibanda at Dzamara prayer on Saturday.

Marondera Hospital Doctor, ‘Justin Tonderai Msendi’, Jailed 2 Months For Child Maintenance


A MARONDERA based medical doctor has been handed a two month jail term for neglecting to pay maintenance for his child born out of wed-lock. Justin Tonderai Msendi, a doctor at Marondera Provincial Hospital was brought to court last week, accused of defaulting payment of child support of $250 a month.

In mitigation before sentence, Msendi told the court that he was not aware that he was supposed to pay the money as the magistrate who had earlier handled the case had postponed it.

However, magistrate Godfrey Mudonhi, in sentencing Msendi, said the country’s laws were put in place for everyone to follow.

Anyone who transgressed would follow the full wrath of the law, the court added. by Mashonaland East Correspondent. source-newzimbabwe

‘Two Mwenezi Brothers Kill Father & Burn Hut, For Practising Witchcraft & Causing Family Misfortunes’


Two  Mwenezi brothers assaulted their elderly father to death and set his hut ablaze, accusing him of practicing witchcraft and unleashing misfortune on the family, a local court heard last week. Muchanyara Chikweregwe, 33, and his young brother Moses, 30, were not asked to plead when they appeared before Mwenezi magistrate Honest Masiiwa. Prosecutor Willard Chasi told the court that on June 20 this year, and at around 8pm, the brothers who had a long dispute with their father armed themselves with a knobkerrie and spear and went to their father’s homestead. The court heard that they found the now deceased Kenneth Chikweregwe seated at home, eating supper and they confronted him, challenging him to stop witchcraft practice, an allegation the father denied. A row erupted between the father and his sons, which led to one of them striking their father on the head using the knobkerrie. The two men continued to assault their father with logs all over the body and left him for dead. They then set one of his huts on fire, believing he kept his witchcraft paraphernalia in there. Kenneth was rushed to Neshuro Hospital by neighbours who heard the skirmishes. He was however pronounced dead on arrival.source-newzimbabwe

Wife Fights To Hold Back Tears Over , Abducted And Still Missing Hubby, Itai Dzamara


photo-Young family terribly wronged,..the Abducted and still  missing Itai Dzamara’s family. Wife struggles to hold back tears.-newzimbabwe

Opposition, Churches, Civic Society & Public, Scale Up Pressure On Mugabe Over ‘Itai Dzamara’


POLITICAL parties, churches, civic groups and ordinary Zimbabweans have upped the pressure on President Robert Mugabe’s regime to abide by the country’s constitution which guarantees the safety of all citizens and immediately release journalist turned
activist Itai Dzamara.

After a well-attended prayer rally called for the firebrand activist at Zimbabwe Grounds on Saturday, the conveners of the meeting penned a declaration that called on the State to commit to finding Dzamara.

They said, “The head of state and government President Robert Mugabe must issue a publicised directive to the security arms of the state ordering them to finalise the search of the missing Dzamara,” read the declaration.

The declaration was countersigned by politicians and hundreds of people who witnessed the rally.

“… As concerned Zimbabweans, we demand the return of Itai Dzamara alive and unharmed,” read the statement, which was delivered on their behalf by brother and family representative Patson Dzamara.

In a separate speech delivered by opposition Mavambo/Kusile leader Simba Makoni on behalf of political parties present, politicians fingered the Zanu PF led regime for Dzamara’s disappearance.

“It is the state’s responsibility under President Mugabe’s leadership to ensure the safety of all citizens,” said the parties.

“Itai Dzamara disappeared just after he had addressed the huge gathering here demanding leadership change in the country.

“This raises suspicion that those who do not want change in Zimbabwe are the ones who abducted Itai.

“Our suspicions are further strengthened by a history of similar abductions by the state in the past years on those fighting for democracy.”

Politicians from Tendai Biti’s MDC Renewal Team were conspicuous by their absence although Biti was said to have also signed the declaration.

In a separate solidarity speech, Zapu’s vice president Emilia Mukaratirwa challenged ordinary Zimbabweans not to sit idle in the wake of the abduction of one of their own.

Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngaribvume urged the crowd to march to the Home Affairs and State security ministers to demand Dzamara’s safe release.

Civic leaders said they would continue siding with political parties that are pro-democracy as opposed to the state which was in a brazen violation of civil rights.

Firebrand clergy Bishop Ancelimo Magaya also condemned African diplomats for their silence in the face of Dzamara’s disappearance.

Family representative Patson Dzamara thanked Zimbabweans for their support, adding his family was still hopeful Dzamara shall one day return alive.

In keeping with the church tradition, politicians made tithes towards the upkeep of the Dzamara family which amounted to $1,002.

The family also received various groceries while the MDC-T Masvingo province pledged to pay school fees for Dzamara’s school going son, Pardon for 2015 and 2016.

The prayer rally, snubbed at the last minute by ousted Vice President Joice Mujuru, was attended by former Zanu PF Mashonaland West chair Temba Mliswa and former veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda.

The two now belong to the partially formed People First party, which comprises disgruntled former Zanu PF elements.

Tsvangirai and his wife Elizabeth Macheka, and Dzamara’s immediate family were part of the huge gathering which refrained from putting on any party regalia. source-newzimbabwe

photo-Supporting ‘Abducted and Missing Itai Dzamara, are Morgan Tsvangirai and wife with itai Dzamara’s children

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