‘Bona Said I Want To Deliver, 8,245 km Away In The Far East Where I Studied And Know The Doctors’-Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe’s daughter, Bona, has flown 8,245 kilometres to Singapore in order to give birth.At a time when there are numerous world-class health centres and hospitals in Zimbabwe, Bona Mugabe Chikore, flew to Singapore with her mother, Grace following afterwards, so she can deliver. Two entourages on taxpayers’ expense are at present in Singapore.

Her father, Robert, revealed this during the funeral of the late heroine Victoria Chitepo. Mugabe said his wife, Grace was unable to attend as she is in the Far East with daughter Bona, about to give birth. The funding for the trip is from the government treasury which expenditure Mugabe’s office has remained mum about ‘There was such a great friendship between my present wife and Mai Chitepo. I was not able to get her on the phone yesterday; she had to run, vakaenda kumwana, mwanasikana,” said Mugabe.

He continued, “akati ndoda kuberekera kuno kwandakadzidza. Kunana Chiremba vandinoziva so she is about to give birth. She is about to give birth, it’s a matter of days… She will be heartbroken,” said Mugabe. Source:byo24

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