‘Boris Johnson Suggests Obama’s Part Kenyan History May Influence His Ancestral Dislike For Britain’-Interesting!

In a challenge to Obama’s intervention in the Brexit campaign, the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, a Conservative party Member of Parliarment has come under fire for reportedly suggesting that the US President Barrack Obama’s, part Kenyan heritage may influence his ancestral ‘dislike’ for Britain. Boris Johnson’s view is widely seen as controversial and racist.This has also led to some saying that, he is not Prime ministerial material because of his controversial views.
President Barrack Obama went ahead to warn that if the Vote To Leave the European Union Campaign (EU) wins, then this would push the UK to the back of the Queue in any Trade Negotiation Deals which could take up to as much as ten years to negotiate.
Some British figures argued that this was wrong as he is telling the British public what to do about their future and borders, while America strongly protects its own sovereignity and would never surrender its immigration to a body of neighbouring nations as advocated for by Barrack Obama’s stance with respect to the EU.
It is important to note that Uk market of 70 million versus a potential 500 million US people raises the significance of trade between the US and UK.
The wife to the former US President Bill Clinton, ‘Hillary Clinton’, was the US Secretary of State under Barrack Obama’s first term as president, with vast experience in Foreign policy , is ranked high in the race for the White House, after Obama’s term comes to an end soon. She is pro Uk in a powerful EU body with a powerful European Union voice.
By wading in, in support of Obama’s view, she has openly thrown her full weight behind the remain campaign in the European Union.
This is a clear indication that even if Barrack has left office, his potential successor, Hillary Clinton, equally places importance upon a solid EU bloc with Uk being a part of it. A similar view was uttered by Obama who pointed out that the US would prefer to negotiate with a large body such as the EU before dealing with Britain out of the EU.
Obama, managed to calm public fears about the impact on security after indicating that the EU security operations will not be affected by Brexit. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-newsbiscuit-London Mayor, Boris Johnson, a Conservative party Member of Parliarment
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