BREAKING NEWS: MDC-T VP, THOKOZANI KHUPHE has been expelled from Parliament after being recalled by the MDC T, her former party. warns that this is a game plan by Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats, to allow MDC T to stand on a false platform, then last minute towards elections fast track Khuphes obvious next step and legal right, to challenge her ‘unconstitutional’ loss of MDC T vice presidency and dismissal from MDC T. This will clearly be ruled in line with the law and may be costly to MDC T and Chamisa if the courts prove that Chamisa’s rise was unconstitutional and Khuphe should be the rightful president in the absence of Tsvangirai as an elected VP.
We may choose to make noise and deny whats ahead but Zanu pf will spearhead this drive in order to crush MDC T towards elections and leave only weak opposition, thus guaranteeing their victory in the harmonised 2018 ballot. Why do you think Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats and the military are so calm as if they are not bothered about the forthcoming ballot? Its all because they have released that MDC T can do more self harm by itself without outside intervention, so let them destroy themselves. Its obvious what lays ahead, and this time you can’t blame Zanu pf and the army,…blame MDC T for failing to reign in this chaos…wake up Zimbabwe!

The speaker of Parliament, Honourable Jacob Mudenda today, announced that a vacancy had arisen for a Bulawayo Metropolitan Proportional representation seat as MDC-T advised him in writing that Dr Thokozani Khupe had been expelled from MDC T and was no longer representing the opposition party.

Mudenda stated that he now had to inform the the President and ZEC that Khupe was expelled from the MDC T along with Abdenico Bhebhe and Obert Gutu who had all refused to recognise Nelson Chamisa’s appointment as the late Morgan Richard Tsvangirai’s successor to the late founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai.
Thokozani Khupe insists that she is the rightful leader of the MDC-T opposition party and will contest in the harmonised 2018 Presidential polls under the MDC-T opposition party banner.
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