BREAKING NEWS: Pastor Evans Mawarire Has Reportedly Fled Zimbabwe, For His Own Safety.

BREAKING NEWS: newzimbabwevision desk has just received uncormfirmed reports from reliable sources on the ground that the Pastor Evans Mawarire, a prominent figure in Zimbabwe’s crisis and the leader of #ThisFlag Protest has fled Zimbabwe and is relatively safely across in South Africa. To the ‘Discerning Eye’ newzimbabwevision, the Pastor has obviously fled the country in fear for his life as we all know , too well that Mugabe’s Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats do not take too kindly to someone upstaging them like what Pastor Evans Mawarire did by appearing in court with a massive suppport of about 50 lawyers and 5000 supporters outside court.
Mawarire was released without any further charges by the magistrate and this left all Zimbabweans both in Zimbabwe and across the diaspora, upbeat about the future which basically entails unseating the oppressive despot Mugabe and his Zanu PF regime of ‘Black oppressors of Blacks’. By Sibusiso Ngwenya More news to follow.
photo-#ThisFlag Protest Leader Pastor Evans Mawarire

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