BREAKING NEWS: Reports, say US led coalition planes, strike Syrian forces, killing 62 and injuring 100 armed forces


BREAKING NEWS: REPORTS SAY, US LED COALITION PLANES, STRIKE SYRIAN FORCES, using two F-16 fighter planes and two A10 ground attack planes, killing 62 SYRIAN servicemen and injuring 100, potentially opening up ISIL advancement corridor as , in that area, there are only ISIL insurgents, in an area that holds massive support for the Syrian government.

This occured in four strikes at around 5 oclock local time

Russians consider the coalition airstrike as evidence of lack of sharing intelligence and coordinate and unwillingness to cooperate with Russia on coordinates of targets. The current ceasefire agreement is seriously threatened by this open aggression between active forces operating in Syria, through this violation of a sovereign state and the truce.

The US coalition strike came after an online video of US backed rebels chasing American forces from a Syrian town of Northern Aleppo , bordering Turkey, calling them pigs, infidels and threatening that they are going to slaughter them. More news to follow………. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

File photo-cnn-a fighter plane

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