BREAKING NEWS: South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has reigned. He stood down after a vote of no confidence against him by ANC

Zuma stood down after a vote of no confidence against him by ANC. Jacob Zuma has resigned with immediate effect, stating that the ANC should never be split because of him. He had been facing numerous corruption charges, with major ones surrounding his assistance and connection to the wealthy Gupta Indian family. The Guptas luxury compound was raided this morning and one of the Indian brothers was arrested while the other two brothers were asked to hand themselves in to the police.
The peaceful removal of Mugabe by the Zimbabwe people with the army has generated a true spirit of freedom amongst African people against corrupt leaders and oppression. It is becoming clear that people power is stronger than gun power, peaceful and progressive after yet again another African leader, Jacob Zuma the South African President resigned this evening, just 90 days after Mugabe the former Zimbabwean president resigned. The Southern African region is doing it the peaceful Christian way, by removing ‘dictators’ from office without humiliating them and effectively not stripping them of their iconic recognition as Nationalist figure heads or Fathers of their nations, who led the fights against oppression of the indigenous blacks by settler whites.
The Southern African former president Zuma and Mugabe are Nationalists or Fathers of their nations, who led the fights against oppression of the indigenous blacks by settler whites.
The political dispensation in the Southern African region has dramatically changed in just 90 days with the forced resignation of Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe 90 days ago, the forced resignation of South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma today and the death of an icon of democracy, Zimbabwe’s MDCT opposition leader Richard Morgan Tsvangirai today whilst undergoing caqncer treatment in a Johannesburg South Africa hospital. Its true to say in Zimbabwe in particular, politics has lost its appeal to the reader after the loss of Tsvangirai and fall of Mugabe and subsequent elevation of Mnangwagwa and Chiwenga relatively insignificant figures in media publicity…Others might look at it as the evil that Grace Mugabe carries as the curse of Grace Mugabe has struck again. In 2017 Grace Mugabe’s evil curse at its peak went round the world, with her throwing tantrums at Singapore airport and being detained for her attrocius behaviour, followed by her assaulting a South African young model Gabriella Engels with a cable switch, then jacob Zuma then the South African President giving Grace mugabe diplomatic immunity from prosecution and allowing her to escape justice.
However, God was watching and because of Grace Mugabe’s evil, after she forcibly evicted villagers from her Manzou Farm using the CIO and Police force (ZRP). Grace on returning safely from South Africa caused the forced removal from office of then Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who fled to South Africa through Mozambique for his dear life before engineering theforced resignation and fall of Mugabe, and the end of the Gushungo empire. Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, a favourite of Grace Mugabe is now living in exile in fear for his own life, with fellow Grace Mugabe supporters behind G40 who are Saviour Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo. The other powerful grace Mugabe supporter was former Vice president Phelekezela ‘Mboko’ who was removed from office on Mnangagwa’s return and rise into office to replace Grace’s husband Robert Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s new president.
It is clear that in security forces, police, CIO and other, Cabinet offices, Presidential and Vice President offices, and extended family circles, as long as one had dealings with evil that Grace Mugabe brings upon this earth, starting from Robert Mugabe, they have fallen and continue to fall,..Zuma is gone. Its not rocket science that, ..the curse of Grace Mugabe strike’s again!…INTERESTING! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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