BREAKING NEWS: Zimbabwe will hold the long awaited 2018 Harmonised General Election on 30 July 2018.

BREAKING NEWS: WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION.COM CAN NOW TELL ZIMBABWE THAT PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has made a Presidential proclamation through an extraordinary government gazette, declaring that Zimbabwe will hold the long awaited 2018 Harmonised General Election on 30 July 2018.

While on one hand we celebrate, the announcement of election dates, lets be open minded and assess what lies ahead, then make informed decisions and choices in where to put our viote. This article is designed to awaken Zimbabweans, but because WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION.COM is non partisan, we will readily publish anything about anyone, any party, without fear or favour and leave it to the progressive minded readers to vote wisely.

The most important thing for everyone to realise is that Mnangagwa, Chiwenga and the military are not fools, and would never remove Mugabe so that they hand over power to Chamisa in six months. Its so obvious to everyone, and to drive my point home, the fact that these people have made no efforts to secure immunity from prosecution for their past crimes or to protect their multiple farms and corruptly amassed millions from being taken by anew government, or implement Electoral reforms, allow Diaspora votes, demilitarise rural areas or put into place other democratic practicises, is enough to tell anyone, that they are going nowhere ,at least soon, so enjoy escorting them to another overwhelming Zanu pf victory.

Stop celebrating irrelevant numbers at rallies, who are massively unregistered voters just enjoying the show, case in point, Chamisas visit to the Uk where thousands of Zimbabwe diasporans gathered in Bedford to meet him,…an irrelevant crowd as they are not allowed to vote, hence a wasted exercise, time and resource wise for MDC T, who face Zanu pf, which is known to have amore established, voter registration drive. Lest you forget, these are the same millitary who stole the vote from the people in 2008 after Tsvangirai, beat Mugabe in the general election, and it is because of these people that we are where we are today,..nowhere!

Zimbabwe should slow down and wise up to whats before the nation. Look at the option of engaging Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts, the army and securocrats in around table discussion where they are offered immunity from prosecution for their past crimes against humanity, security of their farms, businesses and properties, freedom and safety in Zimbabwe. They need such guarantees if we aim to negotiate their peaceful exit from power, then we can have a custodian government in place, to lead the nation to a free and fair election, where all opposition can fight it out peacefully through the ballot.

The election exercise for 30 July 2018 is simply a legitimisation of Mnangagwa’s position, just an exercise designed to give him the mandate he currently doesn’t have, to lead for the next five years. Zimbabweans were used to remove Mugabe by the Military and they will be used again on the 30th of July 2018 by the same to show the world, Zimbabwe is peaceful, look Mnangagwa has won, now can the British and US pump money into the economy,..wake up Zimbabwe! We do not need to rush into elections, lets get everything in place then move forward in a deliberate manner, calculated to give the people a clear victory over Mnangagwa, the army, securocrats and Zanu pf stalwarts.

Here are a few pointers to the future, including that not a single criminal of those allegedly targeted by the Operation Restore Legacy to remove them from around Mugabe, has yet been jailed, was all a con to remove Mugabe, and nothing more. Mnanagwa will not walk away from his new found power, nor will Chiwenga as he is in line to replace Mnangagwa as the next president , day, whether through natural elimination when Mnangagwa dies or possibly by removal, because military regimes are never removed from power by votes,..wake up! Mugabe always told you that the bullet is mightier than the gun and this is exactly wha,t he meant

ecently, The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy took controversial Harare businessman Wicknell Chivayo to task over US$5 million he received from the ZPC for the Gwanda solar project.

The issue at stake is that Wicknell Chivayo’s Intratrek, company was paid over US$5 million without a requisite bank guarantee.

The visit, designed to enable Parliament to assess progress made on the ground, included the chairperson of the (ZPC) committee, Temba Mliswa, to verify what’s on the ground vis-a-vis what has been paid.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee (ZPC) was shocked to find only two construction cabins and a project perimeter fence in place with nothing else having been done on the site, yet US$5 million without a requisite bank guarantee to Wicknell Chivayo’s Intratrek, company.
Just to show, the level of stupidity amongst Zanu pf and why money was being wasted , lets remeber some of the scandals, for example, deposed former president Robert Mugabe’s powerful Zanu pf politburo bought into the ‘Chinhoyi rock diesel con’ by conlady Rotina Mavhunga aka Nomatter Tagarira, a spirit medium, who managed to assemble Zanu pf cabinet ministers, national intelligence oficials, police and defence superiors and other top-Zanu pf ranking security officials in 2007 to show that diesel could flow from Chinhoyi rocks, a con famously known as the ‘Chinhoyi rock diesel con’

The clever spirit medium had an accomplice hiding in the growth and when she gave the signal, the assistant who was tactfully hidden in the growth above the gathered Zanu pf offcials in the dead of the night, would let diesel flow to a hidden bowser which would cascade down the mountai and suddenly ‘rock diesel’ would gush out.

The gullible Zanu pf officials bought into the scam and saw this as ‘Gods’ answer to the fuel crisis in Zimbabwe as the country was crippled with unprecedented fuel shortages.

For such a miracle the conlady, received US$1.7m, a farm, an armed guard, food and, would have, a 50-vehicle convoy, with Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats, cabinet ministers and at times a helicopter to conduct her midnight rituals

The Mugabe Zanu pf clowns were so convinced by the ‘rock diesel scam’ that at one time they had as much as 50 vehicles travelling at midnight with Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats heading to the caves in Chinhoyi and dancing all night barefoot, then on other occassions dispatching military helicopters to ensure the ‘magic fuel’ was a succes.

Yes indeed, miracles do happen because diesel started gushing out of the rocks right before the eyes of a powerful Zanu pf regime delegation which included then State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa, then Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi and then Home Affairs Minister now Vice President Kembo Mohadi witnessing the miraculous event in the dead of the night at Maningwa Hills in Chinhoyi by a simpleton, a grade 3 educated conlady Rotina Mavhunga a spirit medium.

Chinhoyi and sent Zanu pf stalwarts into a frenzy as they danced around the caves barefoot and celebrated beating the western powers because Zimbabwe could now produce magic fuel as ‘rock diesel’ could gush out from rocks because diesel was now gushing out of rocks right before their eyes.

Sadly, the celebration was short lived because they eventually realised, the ‘diesel’ gushing out of the rocks was nothing more than a con, but after they had splashed news of the rock diesel continuously across mainstream media, internationa paers and all Zanu pf propaganda chanels, ZBC and Zimpapers at the helm of this con.

Only then did the Mugabe Zanu pf administration awaken to to the fact they had been conned, and in order to hide from public embarassment, the Registrar general Tobaiwa Mudede hid the con lady from the police who wanted to arrest her.

As barely schooled as she was with only a basic grade 3 schooling, Rotina Mavhunga conned the current Vice President Kembo Mohadi, then Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi seen barefoot in both photos here, and then State Security Minister Didymus Mutasa, into believing she could produce pure diesel from the Maningwa Hills in the bush in Chinhoyi. In my view this woman who can a whole government into flying a helicopter with officials and sending a 50 vehicle motorcade is real presidential material by the standard we had of ‘Dr Stop it, Grace Mugabe’. If she can make diesel flow from rocks then she’s got my vote…Zanu pf are just a bunch of clowns’

It is such stupidity that leaves one wondering, how Zimbabweans buy into believing Mnangagwa replacing Mugabe is a change,..really? Wake up Zimbabwe, these clowns are the same Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats in power and whom you vote for when you vote Zanu pf! We Zimbabweas who claim to be well educated and peaceful are nothing more than a buch of gullible clowns led by con artists like conlady Rotina Mavhunga aka Nomatter Tagarira, a spirit medium , fake doctrate ‘stop it grace Mugabe’ and all other dubious graduates by the Mnangagwa, Zanu pf securocrats and Zanu pf stalwarts.

Now you understand how two cabins and a perimeter fence, earned Chivayo, US$5 million….ooooooh aren’t we all so proud to be recognised globally for such daftness and this time its not the fault of the West! I shall not speak!

It is clear from Mnangagwa’s, militarised cabinet, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats that president Emmerson Mnangagwa who has made no attempts to Institute Electoral Reforms will never reform Zanu pf out of power, in other words the military and Mnangagwa did not grab power in November 2017 only to hand over power and the country to Zimbabweans,..infact now the country is clearly under military rule and Z|anu pf and Mnangagwa are here to stay .

The Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats regime continue to make foolish decisions that impact directly upon the lives and welfare of the ordinary people of Zimbabwe, especially by hitting the electorate or Zanu pf support base hard, and frequently.

Even more surprising but evident of a clueless regime is the fact that they frequently make a decision then overnight, make a U-turn by overturning decisions made by the Zanu pf regime and this chaos and confusion is a trade mark of the new political dispensation which arose from the coup, code named ‘Operation Restore Order’.

The fearless discerning eye can now reveal to the electorate, the people of Zimbabwe, who will soon be queueing up to vote for change, midyear 2018, that Zimbabwean Executing Commissions are run by the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA).

Unless if you come from mars, you’d by now have realised that what I have always warned the people about, that the removal of Mugabe only, is meaningless as the oppressive system by Zanu pf stalwarts, mnangagwa, and securocrats that he created and allowed to take root over 37 years since independance on 18 April 21980 would still be in place.

My advice as always was that, for Zimbabwe to experience real change, Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts, and securocrats must go! the voice of the voicelesss, as always, will now fearlessly reveal what, Mnangagwa’s leadership has achived or rather failed to achieve in his first 100 days in office as this is all a charade mired with controversy, clearly a sitting disaster,..wake up Zimbabwe!’.

1)-A total of 78 out of the 97 Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) employees are members of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) all engineered by the Military Intelligence Department behind the Zimbabwean Elections .

2)-“83% of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZEC) are commissioned military officers.

3)-62% of the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) are Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA military intelligence officers.

4)-100% Zimpapers Group is owned by the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA).

5)-The Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) makes up the greater part of the Zimbabwe State Procurement Board following it’s recent appointments.

6)-Kombi commuter mini buses ban from Harare CBDresulting in police shooting dead an innocent pedestrian and subsequent riots , two cars burnt and Harare Central police station heavily stoned and the entrance destroyed with missiles by an angry crowd two nights ago. Typical of Mnangagwa’s regime they reversed the ban on Kombis in the CBD.

7)-Removal of vendors from Harare CBD, and again typical of Mnangagwa’s regime they reversed the ban on vendors in the CBD.

8)-Doctors at public hospitals have given the government a 21-day ultimatum to address their grievances over poor working conditions, or they will down tools

9)-The government has failed to pay out 2017 bonuses because government is broke

10)-Over 2000 soldiers deployed to rural areas

11)-Fifty two (52)Chiefs given brand new 4 wheel drive vehicles

12)- Deposed former president Robert Gabriel Mugabe granted immunity from prosecution for past crimes against humanity including gukurahundi, murambatsvina, murderous white farmer evictions, 2008 election violence, Chiadzwa diamond fields helicopter gunship genocides and given agolden handshake of US$10million by – Emmerson Mnangagwas Zanu pf regime

13)-Emmerson Mnangagwa militarises cabinet with people like RTD Gen Chiwenga now the Vice President of Zimbabwe, RTD Airforce of Zimbabwe (AFZ) commander general Perrance Shiri now Minister of Lands and Agriculture, RTD Major General Sibusiso Moyo now minister of International Affairs

14)-Emmerson Mnangagwa personally declared that the Diaspora Zimbabweans will not be allowed to vote outside Zimbabwe because he will not facilitate postal voting.

15)-The missing journalist Itai Dzamara’s whereabouts, health and safety are still unaccounted for even though we know Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats are responsible for it.

16)- Emmerson Mnangagwa himself considered by Zimbabwe as a guilty party in the Gukurahundi genocide, in interview at , at Davos, Switzerland almost as casual as his ‘father, mentor and advisor Robert Gabriel Mugabe when he claimed that gukurahundi was a moment of madness, announced that there may have been some deaths but not as ‘inflated’ as they are made to appear

17)-At the 17th Zanu pf Annual December conference, Mnangagwa announced that Zanu pf will be opening aTV station to counter what he perceives as hostile independant and social media

18)-The draconian AIPPA and POSA laws which resulted in the closure of the independant media, arbitrary arrests of journalists, opposition and Activists, torture, murder, disappearances and many being sent into forced exie, remain in place.

19)- The former Minister of Mines at the height of the diamond rush, now the Home Affairs minister, the filthy rich Obert Mpofu considered a ‘criminal’ as one of the most corrupt Zanu pf stalwarts who own most of Matebeleland North, was declared as a non corrupt individual by Zacc

20)-To date, mainly Zanu pf corrupt filthy rich individuals have not been been jailed for corruption, but simply arrested and realesed on bail.

21)-Many hospitals and clinics still have no ambulances, which are critical vehicles for the smooth running of the health service delivery system, yet Mnangagwa is busy furnishing chiefs with brand new vehicles.

22)- Emmerson Mnangagwa has refused to release the Dumbutshena Commission and Chihambakwe Committee report from investigations into the Gukurahundi massacres by Zanu pf Fifth Brigade and to date the report has never been made public.

23)-President Emmerson Mnangagwa fired 17 top State security operatives from the brutal Central Intelligence Office, (CIO) after a meeting between deposed former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and former vice president, now opposition National People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru in Harare .

24)-President Mnangagwa also fired over 30 senior police officers from the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)

25)-Whilst Zimbabweans clamour for an immediate return to constitutional order and demilitarisation of cabinet, the coup in , a so called political transition in Zimbabwe has now been declared as constitutional by the African Union Commission chairperson Mr Moussa Faki , who had a three day visit to Zimbabwe this week. He stated that the African Union (AU) fully supports the new political dispensation under Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats.

26)-Tsvangirai’s death shook Zimbabwe as it immediately demonstrated a lack of constitutionalism in the way a successor the unelected Vice President Nelson Chamisa was handpicked to lead the MDC T, while the elected Vice President Dr Thokozani khuphe was sidelined and even almost torched alive by MDC T youth at Tsvangiarai’s funeral, which to many demonstrated disregard for women, tribalism and a total failure by the party as all they have shown the whole world with the death of Tsvangirai is that they are no different from Mugabe’s Zanu pf according to observers. Tsvangirai’s funeral also proved the danger of personalisation of a party and what happens when family delve into party operations and disregard the party constitution, along with MDC T disregard for the girl child and women in power because of how Elizabeth Macheka was treated by the Tsvangirai family including being denied access to visiting him on his death bed in hospital, denied the right to escort his coffin by helicopter to his Humanikwa village for burial, yet women constitute the bulk of the Zimbabwe electorate,…mess them up and whatever party is involved, will fall!

27)-A Gweru based armed left his night guard duty at the Guinea Fowl ZBC Transmitter tower, armed with an AK rifle to his inlaws house in Bulawayo where he shot his wife and two sisters along with his own 18 month old baby.

28)-A policeman shot and wounded a soldier in Gweru or smoking ajoint in public and fleeing to a military bus at the terminus. An angry bus load of soldiers shut down Gweru Central police station demanding justice.

29)-Zanu Ndoga has officially rejoined Zanu pf, effectively making Mnangagwa now a leader of a stronger reconstituted Zanu pf, ahead of the harmonised 2018 elections. Much as people dislike Zanu pf and Mnangagwa, they are certainly a better devil compared to the feuding, broken up opposition forces according to observers.

30)-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s three-month amnesty window for individuals and companies who externalised cash to return public funds illegally stashed abroad expires in a few days time at end of February 2017.

Upon the expiry of the amnesty at end of February, authorities have indicated that they will arrest and prosecute those who would have failed to comply with the amnesty.

31)Its clear that Wicknell Chivayo is protected by somebody who is powerful, in this case, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, hence his relaxed attempt to hoodwink the Parliamentary Investigatory Comittee in Parliament, who have proved that US$5million was disbursed to Chivayo without prerequisite documentation and to date only aperimeter fence and two cabins are in place.

32) Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe was forced out of office and Mnangagwa took over the Presidency in Zimbabwe, Jacob Zuma the South African president was forced to resign and replaced by Cyril Ramaphosa while the Ethiopian. The Ethio­pian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned because of political turmoil, social unrest, yet another so called ‘Sh*thouse Africa country leader’ of another African powerhouse, who stepped down stepped down amid, corruption and other scandal charges by their governments as the face of politics in Africa changes. The common theme is dangerously akin to the same environment in Zimbabwe and with any luck, Zimbabwe’s president Emmerson Mnangagwa may be the shortest ever president on record in Zimbabwe if he loses the harmonised 2018 ballot.

33) Zimbabwe’s key opposition leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC T) and part of the MDC alliance of opposition parties, succumbed to cancer in a South African hospital and was buried at his rural home Humanikwa village in Zimbabwe, further changing the politics in Zimbabwe.

34) The University of Zimbabwe has suspended Vice Chancellor Professor Levi Nyagura on allegations of abuse of office for unprocedurally awarding former First Lady Grace Mugabe, a Doctor of Philosophy degree. Again, he is the fall guy because Grace Mugabe the holder of the fake doctrate is not being pursued for prosecution, neither is her husband the former president Robert Mugabe who instructed Professor levi Nyagura to award his wife with a doctrate,…who could refuse instructions from the despot, aknown killer who could make or break your life at the click of a finger? The acting Vice Chancellor for University of Zimbabwe is Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Pedzisai Mashiri with immediate effect.

35) PARIRENYATWA GROUP OF HOSPITALS is in amajor water crisis due to erratic supplies from the City of Harare amid calls to prioritise health facilities in the rationing exercise.
36) Former Hurungwe West legislator , later Norton MP, Themba Mliswa , who is actually Emmerson Mnangagwa’s nephew and the same time former secretary for Administration Didymus Mutasa’s nephew was arrested approximately 80 times by the retired Zimbabwe police Commissioner General Augustine. The Zanu-PF National Disciplinary Committee then chaired by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko. originally dismissed Mliswa from Zanu pf on various charges, including undermining the party and its leadership. Mliswa following his frequent remand prison residency, lost his seat in Hurungwe then resurfaced in Norton and typical of Zanu pf administration, now led by his uncle, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Themba Mliswa was appointed Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy chairman of a portfolio committee.

37) Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats regime have banned the coronation of Bulelani Collins Khumalo as Ndebele King set for 3March 2017 at Bulawayo Barbourfields Stadium.

38) The Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats regime shenannigans are compounded by the ongoing MDC T circus. MDC T PRESIDENT NELSON CHAMISA CLAIMS HE helped the Rwandan leader turn his ravaged country’s economy around.

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame, has reportedly taken to twitter to deny MDC T president Nelson Chamisa’s claims that he helped Rwanda’s economy. Chamisa who is now, a regular with his at times, commonly ridiculous or immature, claimed , while addressing supporters at a campaign rally in Beitbridge on Saturday, that when he was ICT minister in the government of National Unity (GNU), he had helped the Rwandan leader Paul Kagame turn his economy and country around.

For those not well clued up to Chamisa’s campaign manifesto, he has over the last four months, by his own admission travelled to USA with Tendai Biti to request for sanctions to be maintained and then went on to tell the electorate that Sanctions will only be lifted if people vote for the alliance,…coercion and selling the nation to the West,, but this claim was swiftly denied by the US.

Nelson Chamisa also recently, in a shock development has reportedly offered to avail lump sum pensions and decent living conditions for Zimbabwe’s liberation war veterans .

He also promised to allow the coronation of the Ndebele King.

The leader of a faction of the MDC-T, Adv Nelson Chamisa, once again was caught out lying to the nation, after claiming he had been personally invited to the United Kingdom by Queen Elizabeth II. An official at the British Embassy in Zimbabwe dismissed the claim that Mr Chamisa made to supporters in Harare South .

Nelson Chamisa also threatened to unleash Zanu pf style violence using street guys from Mbare if MDCT lose the harmonised 2018 elections. The MDC T circus is clearly growing with each passing day. This chaos is falling into the hands of Mnangagwa, Zanu pf and securocrats who are sitting quietly and watching MDC T implosion from the terraces, because of Chamisa ‘s poor, infact immature choice of words, which openly indirectictly incite violence, in a clearly preprogrammed desperate attempt to wrestle power from the Zanu pf Mnangagwa, Zanu pf and securocrats.

Because of this, the government can actually stage play MDC T violence towards elections and then officially use the military, CIO, militia and other to escalate the violence and blame it on MDC T.

Nelson Chamisa has over the last few months promised to build rural airports, sphaghetti type roads, bullet trains, allow the coronation of the Ndebele king and to install WIFI at each rural homestead, claiming “Even goats will be able to have access to the mobile network,”. “Wherever one is, even if they are in their own house or at their small house, then they will be able to access mobile networks.” I can only say, vote wisely-wake up Zimbabwe! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

You do the maths,…I shall not speak!
It has obviously been a tumultous first 100 days in office as no one has ever been prosecuted for corruption, the rooot cause of the people’s suffering over 37 years under Mugabe. All that Mnangagwa did was to tactfully prepare his own retirement by protecting Mugabe a fellow accomplice in crimes against humanity including gukurahundi, murambatsvina, Chiadzwa diamond fields genocide, murderous white farmer evictions and all other crime. Having rewarded Mugabe with immunity from prosecution, he along with Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats simply set up Zimbabweans and government not to prosecute them, while also rewarding them with multi million dollar golden handshakes, and obviously protection from immunity because they were all complicit in the crimes by Mugabe, infact the real powerhouses behind the murderous Zanu pf rule led by Mugabe. Suffice it is to say, Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts, the militarised Zanu pf regime and securocrats must all fall in the 2018 ballot. Wake up Zimbabwe, wisely!

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