BREAKING NEWS: ZIMBABWE’S president Robert Mugabe has officially resigned after submitting his letter of resignation:

PRESIDENT MUGABE the 93 year old despot has officially resigned after submitting his letter of resignation read out to parliament a few minutes ago, a ending 37 years of dictatorship by a 93 year old despot.
There was a mass sense of relief as the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda read out Mugabe’s resignation letter after so many years of Mugabe firing Ministers, government officials, Zanu PF stalwarts and two vice presidents.
Mugabe’s end of brutal misrule, impoverished nation with over 90% unemployment and millions of displaced Zimbabweans across the diaspora. the despot’s brief resignation letter which in part as follows, I Robert Gabriel Mugabe formally tender my resignation as President of Zimbabwe as of this moment. Further included in the letter was the statement that “My decision to resign is voluntary on my part and arises from my concern for the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe and my desire for a smooth, non-violent transfer of power,”.
The impeachment process which was in progress as of this morning, has been halted by the resignation of the despot who read out what will go down in history as the shortest ever speech by a man who loves to waffle with long endless speeches. As the speech was read out, the parliament broke into ululation, singing, dancing and celebration at the best news ever announced in parliament,.the resignation of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe. To most Zimbabweans, this is a moment of true national Independance, brough about by people power with the military behind them.
It is obvious the impeachment process, along with generals who put soldiers on the street and allowed people to protest peacefully, removed police officers and other security has helped push him through to resignation. More news to follow shortly. Zimbabwe is celebrating this great moment of a peaceful step towards peace, healing and reconciliation for all friends, lovers, partners, families, opposition, ruling and any broken up relations, its time for forgiveness, healing, unity and rebuilding trust, constitutionalism, prosperity, democracy, justice, equality and prove to the rest of Africa and the whole world that, it may have been slow but we did it peacefully, with God’s Christian guidance, we survived, but today here we are just like Israelites in the desert for fourty years, we have spent 37 years under a ruthless dictatorship and now we are free, without African Union, SADC or foreign intervention by the West.
This is a great Moment for all Zimbabweans, what we have lost is painful to remember but the victory of our peaceful Christian nature is in the freedom that we have today, now and forever more because never again shall we walk this troubled path as Zimbabweans. spread all over the diaspora. people of ‘ZimBoBwe’ lol,
Never could I sit back and allow oppressive authority by the draconian regime to silence my peaceful yet strong voice of defiance. I have fought for all Zimbabweans, Black, white, coloured any race, tribe or race.
Information is power! My work is done, lets celebrate and never allow anyone else to monopolise wealth and power in the motherland. The incoming government must be inclusive, allow free and fair elections and implement reforms that protect the people of Zimbabwe from all that we have for 37 years under Mugabe.
People of Zimbabwe, the despot Mugabe has fallen and Zimbabwe is free at last!!
The British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, has said we should be mindful of the colonial era relation between Zimbabwe and Britain but now Britain must stand ready to help Zimbabwe move forward. More news to follow.
Many people have always asked where I drew my inspiration from, in upsetting the dictatorship. here is my story at this great moment in Zimbabwe.
A few days ago as the developments in Zimbabwe unravelled as the soldiers placed Mugabe under arrest, I spoke my heart out and called out to the people that we have come this far, lets take it to the limit and remove the despot.
Amazingly, it has only taken eight days of peaceful united protest by the people of Zimbabwe with the military behind them and the Generals leading, Mugabe has been resigned, never again to oppress people.
Had he not succumbed to this he would have been impeached but for instead a few hours after impeachment proceedings had kicked in, the legacy of the father of the nation, an icon of black defiance to white oppression, was ripped to shreds as his resignation was announced in parliament.
A few days ago, I reported that, after three years at University Of Zimbabwe (UZ), in the early 1990s, having witnessed the real horrors inflicted by the 92 year old despot for almost a decade up to 1987 during the brutal Gukurahundi massacres of 20,000 unarmed Matebeleland and Midlands people by the Zanu PF leader Robert Mugabe’s fifth Brigade, headed by his nephew then head of Fifth Brigade, now the Airforce of Zimbabwe commander Perence Shiri, the easiest thing to ever do was to simply defy oppressive authority and agitate for transparency. equality, prosperity , and justice for all, through defiance to oppression by the despot, ‘Black Oppressor of Blacks’.
Future generations can never forgive our generation for sitting back and selling off the motherland to Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats who monopolise wealth and power through continuously looting national wealth and resources under the guise of ‘Black empowerment’ and ‘Indeginisation’ yet its all simply ‘legitimised crime and corruption’ . What the General Chiwenga and fellow generals are doing is liberating the suffering people of Zimbabwe by removing Grace Mugabe and retiring Robert Mugabe gracefully.
The army needs our support and we say no to SADC, AU or foreign intervention. Zimbabweans are educated enough, able to keep the worlds eye on the developments through live posts, photos, articles and all social media including whatspp, facebook messenger and others. We must all readily share these as they happen and let the whole world know. Any attempts to derail our progress must be made public and the perpertrators handed over to the generals including the evidence as at the moment the military is in charge and there are no police operating in Zimbabwe yet we are peacefully operating. I can confirm that Police chief Chihuri, Zacc Gandawa and other G40 allies are now said to be in military custody,..Information is Power and newzimbabwevision stands firmly committed to keeping the public informed.
My memory of life at UZ is one of incessant struggles involving frequent running battles with the brutal riot police force and confrontation with security authorities sometimes running well into the night along teargas attacks by the police.
This typically made me a ‘person of interest’ to security forces, but at no time did I lose my passion or resolve to fight for the freedom from oppression by Mugabe, of all Zimbabweans Coloured, White, Black, any tribe, religion, creed or political orientation.
In 1994, I joined the Agricultural and Technical Extension Services (AGRITEX) and because of my fluency in Shona and Ndebele I was able to relocate to Bulawayo as Head Of Training and responsible for the Mass Media unit. My job entailed frequent nationwide travel throughout farming areas and liasing with the AGRITEX personnel in direct contact with the target group.
This meant being in charge and responsible for the recording of quality farming radio programmes on the ground and spending several hours a week at ZBC studios, airing the recorded material through seven radio programmes , namely 1) Nhau Dzevarimi, 2) Tinokushevedzai varimi, 3) Kuchengetedzwa kwezvipfuwo, 4) Izindaba Zabalimi, 5) Sibiza Abalimi 6) Ukugcinwa kwezifuyo on ZBC Radio 2 and Radio 4 channels, along with 7) Agritex farm Diary on Radio 1. I had a great team under me including Penney Lumley, the late Calvin Madlela, and politician Frank Chamunorwa.
Besides the radio programmes, I was also responsible for translating, writing and publishing information on pamphlets, posters and books for staff and farmer training nationwide. This was at a time when Zimbabwe was reeling from the impact of ESAP and the DRC war along with a dying economy.
I was well informed about the issues relating to Zimbabwe’s land crisis and the farming issues and foresaw the eventual , disastrous war veteran led white farmer eviction campaign of 2000 onwards.
This was my cue to leave, so, after a two year stint in AGRITEX, I felt fully exposed to reality on the ground, and stifled at the same time as I had more to say than the system would allow me to put out.
I then joined a Non Governmental Organisation, (NGO) named Popular Education Collective (PEC), where, as head of the Outreach department, I was responsible for writing and editing information on good governance, democracy, human rights, voting, transparency and accountability and numerous other titles, some which are featured below. It was a hugely enriching experience that gave me nationwide travel to all remote corners of Zimbabwe and typically the same target group as in AGRITEX, so it was a smooth transition.
There were major variances which included the provision of libraries at coops and project groups, mainly stocked with our publications, designed to provide information that would leave readers in a position to make more informed decisions about issues such as good governance, democracy, human rights, voting, transparency and accountability which directly change their lives for the better.
One of the areas that I was involved in under PEC was liaising with the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) in producing a full report, shown below for June 24 and June 25 Elections in the year 2000. This had been the first election in which the original Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) established in 1999, had participated in with massive support. It was also the clearest indication that Mugabe was not prepared to let go of the country and would fight tooth and nail to hold onto power.
Having enjoyed access to the rural folk, in Zimbabwe,who are Mugabe’s Zanu PF stronghold, through Agritex publications, training and radio and later the Non Governmental Organisation, (NGO) named Popular Education Collective (PEC) work through publications and training on good governance, democracy, human rights, voting, transparency and accountability, it was inevitable that, with 25 years under my belt, fighting corruption, I would unleash a wave of absolute defiance to oppression across Social media platforms and further fight for the ordinary person’s plight in Zimbabwe.
.Please email your articles, on issues directly affecting the welfare of the ordinary person in the motherland such as Political ,Economic, Equality, Girl Child, Peace, Good Governance, Democracy, Human rights, Accountability, Service Delivery in Employment, Housing ,Education, Health care, Transport, Water reticulation issues and any pertinent topic to , to for publication by our newsdesk and sharing across our news platforms such as JOINING newzimbabwevision media platforms for breaking news on the fluid situation in Zimbabwe.
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My message to the people of Zimbabwe is that transparency, open and inclusive processes, with respect for the rule of law, total removal of foreign intervention be it African Union, SADC and foreign intervention except for observation .
The process that we the people of Zimbabwe, abandoned by the whole world, western and African powers, successfully and peacefully exercised in removing a long serving, and most feared dictator. Let us ensure that we become role models not just for Africa but for the whole world about the importance of peace, love , unity, Christianity, justice and people power,..Mugabe is gone!
Lets  all together, black, white, coloured, any race come together and like we all worked together to peacefully unseat a despot, now all come together and rebuild a prosperous nation, free of crime, drugs,  violence and repression. We need to put forward, peace, love, unity, democracy, equality, justice, equality,  respect for the rule of law, Christianity, forgiveness and the desire to build a great future for all our children and descendants, without selling our future to evil like Mugabe,…never again! God has freed his people and will walk with us all the way as along as we hold firm in our christian nature, we thank God that we are finally free and at peace. Now let us all work together and rebuild a powerful great nation, never again live under divisive, polarised,  tribal, racial, political hatred and violence. Zimbabwe is one, belongs to everyone, stays united and will be great for all. We are free at last!  Future generations can never forgive our generation for sitting back and selling off the motherland, again,..we thank God that we are free at last! Please share this with all your friends worldwide. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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