BREAKING NEWS:Seriously injured Chiwenga explains in video just before being wheeled away into theatre that accident was an assasination.

BREAKING NEWS:Seriously injured Chiwenga explains in video just before being wheeled away into theatre that the horror accident that killed his wife and Baba Kanyuchi was an assasination. He is also clearly in a state of mind , where he is saying, if this is it, let God’s will be done.
Please watch this heart rending video by Pastor Chiwenga which we received a short while ago about the accident that took the lives of his wife mai Vhurumuki and Baba Kanyuki. The news we received originally seemed to indicate that the second victim was his wife’s sister but its now, the pastor himself has indicated that it was his wife and Baba Kanyuki who died in the accident
The man of God clearly in pain explained that the accident happened when he was driving from South Africa to Harare and that he was unconcious for about an hour before awakening.
People had to use axes, his wife , mai Vhurumuka and baba Kanyuchi died as a result of the accident.
Chiwenga says that at Beitbridge border post the Zimbabwe immigration officer took hold of his passport into another office and he suspects that the alleged assassins were waiting for him and were informing their contacts that he had arrived at the border.
He noticed that when he arrived in Masvingo the suspect cars had no number plates and were tailing them around.
According to the preacher, he was warned by Baba Kanyuki who was still alive at the scene of the accident, that he should not to identify himself at the scene of accident as the suspects were said to be present. Chiwenga also reminds us that he recently wrote a letter to president Mnangagwa about the suspicious people who were stalking and harassing him.
He was also warned by CIO-Central Intelligence Organisation and the Zimbabwe Military Intelligence Department that his life was under threat and that he should even flee from the country. This is a heart rending video, a serious reminder of how blood thirsty , the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime is.
Sir, I am being followed by unregistered vehicles believed to be from the Central Intelligence Organisation or from the Military Intelligence Department of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, I am receiving death threats almost on a daily basis and this is because I preach the true gospel of Christ that condemns sin and calls all men to repentance, for God is not a respecter of persons.
It is my honest and humble opinion Sir, that the people who are giving orders to military personnel or State security agents to kill me are your employees or your subordinates. I don’t see myself as a security or political threat to anyone in this country, because I am a preacher of the gospel whose tools are the Bible and the microphone.
I am therefore asking to see you so that I may among other things surrender myself to you and your administration so that if I do not get an opportunity to answer to issues I am being stalked and threatened for, at least I will save the government’s tax payers’ money which is being used to stalk me and harass me, if I have to die for the gospel I preach (which I am ready to die for), at least I will avail myself.
www.newzimbabwevision says, for those who remember what happened previously, this is the same road and same vicinity in which Tsvangirai was also targeted by the military who managed to cause an accident which killed his wife. This is a blood thirsty militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, who, over the years have perfected their elimination by accident skills. Many people including both opposition and the ruining Zanu pf party, have been eleiminated using accidents by the military.
Its sad to note that the daughter of late Zimbabwean opposition leader Richard Morgan Tsvangirai, Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java, (36) died in hospital on Monday following a car crash about a month agowhich again involved several military vehicles by soldiers from Guinea Fowl Barracks near Gweru.
Vimbai, went to school at Mabelreign Girls’ High school in Harare, then did a bachelor’s degree in development studies, and urban and regional planning in 2008 at New Castle University in Australia. She had recently won the post of MDC Alliance women’s assembly secretary-general in her absence as she never managed to leave hospital ever since the accident. says that the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime , are blood thirsty butchers of the innocent , suffering unarmed ordinary Zimbabweans and will stop at nothing in killing in order to monopolise their hold over power and wealth from the land and mineral rich Republic of Zimbabwe. To this regime of killers, the murder of innocent people is now a pass time as human life has never been of any value to them, case in point, gukurahundi, chiadzwa, murambatsvina, murderous white farmer evictions and all crimes against humanity.
This video are the painful words by pastor Chiwenga before being wheeled into theatre.We all wish him the best, but its clear, he is saying his goodbye in the event that he doesnt recover from theatre and will keep readers updated as this is an ongoing situation. WATCH THE CLIP AND SHARE IT FREELY, WORLDWIDE WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY! More news to follow. Sibusiso Ngwenya
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