BREAKING NEWS:’Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa poisoned’-‘Poetic Justice’

Our contacts inform us that Zimbabwe’s vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa the gukurahundi butcher is suspected to have been poisoned earlier on today in Gwanda.
This could certainly be the making of another hero by the Zanu pf battles. How appropriate that it comes at a time we are set to commemorate heroes day that the Vice president is almost made a hero..I’m just saying!
Within a few minutes of consuming Alpha Omega dairy products as dessert at the high table, he started complaining of severe chest pains. Mnagagwa then started vomiting blood and fell unconscious.
He was taken to Gwanda hospital where it is alleged that those attending to him were not so perturbed or keen to treat him.
General Constantine Chiwenga stepped in and Vice President Mnangagwa was swiftly airlifted to Claybank hospital in Gweru using an Air Force of Zimbabwe helicopter.
The Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa may be flown for further treatment to South Africa.
To the Discerning eye newzimbabwevision, the situation in the Zanu pf factional wars may be reaching such dangerous heights that Zimbabwe is heading for major instability or civil war soon. General Chiwengas action is typically securing a future in the military in case Mnangagwa succeeds Mugabe.
Its interesting that Gwanda is one of the areas that were ruthlessly butchered under the gukurahundi genocide which killed at least 20, 000 innocent unarmed Ndebeles .
General Constantine Chiwenga actually was, during the murderous gukurahundi, in charge of 1 Brigade at Llewellin barracks in Bulawayo. This was the heart of Gukurahundi operations and the centre for operations, logistics and all launches across Matebeleland. Chiwenga and Mnangagwa were central to the whole operation.
The Gwanda hospital lack of interest in treating Mnangagwa could be a sudden realisation that this is the man who murdered their families, kith and kin, while the source of poison if proven to be the Alpha Dairies products, could simply be an elimination attempt by Mugabe in order to pave the way for his wife to become Zimbabwe’s president by succeeding him once Mnagagwa is thrown out.
Lets remember that just a week ago Jonathan Moyo gave a one and half hour presentation using three monitors at the Zanu pf Politburo meeting to show how Mnangagwa has captured the state , looted funds and was through his Blue Ocean Strategy document engineering Mugabe’s downfall from power so he could take over.
Remember In June 2017 Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s nephew, Tongai Mnangagwa, was sentenced to a four-month jail term over defaulting on US$5 120 child maintenance to his former wife Shuvai Murumbi for their two minor children. This is a nephew to the justice Minister, also Vice President of Zimbabwe and clearly tactical destruction of Mnangagwa’s will to oppose Grace mugabe succession of Mugabe.
We also reported that Mnangagwa is said to have offered to resign from his Zanu pf and government positions in light of the relentless onslaughts by the G-40 faction and youths. G40 is Grace Mugabe’s faction
Remember Mugabe ‘murdered’ the RTD General Solomon Mujuru who led the war of liberation that launched Mugabe to his post. To date, more than five years later, there have been no arrests of any ‘killers’ of such a high profile figure, arguably the most powerful man in the Zanu pf politburo and the only man who had the ‘balls’ to stand up against Mugabe. He is the same man who created his ex wife and mother of his children Joice Mujuru’s rise to the post of the fired former Zimbabwe Vice President.,..a king maker indeed!
Just like the late Gen Solomon Mujuru and ex wife Joyce Mujuru who were seen as threats to Mugabe, Mnangagwa is now a major liability as he is clearly the strongest contender for succeeding Mugabe , which would mess up First lady Grace Mugabe’s dream of succeeding her husband.
GRACE Mugabe destroyed Joyce Mujuru and launched the dismissal of her from the post of Vice president and only just over a week ago, her ally Professor Jonathan Moyo launched a well presented professional and deliberate assault on Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa giving a detailed break down of all his Blue Ocean strategy to remove Mugabe from power and replace him and now he is facing all this. Its clearly the Zanu pf hand, specifically Mugabe and first lady Grace Mugabe through their ‘Alpha -Omega’ dairy products which caused his vomiting blood and collapse in Gwanda.
As a matter of interest, in line with the ‘Gushungo holdings’ agenda to privatise Zimbabwe as a family business, President Robert Mugabe’s controversial nephew Patrick Zhuwao a few days ago claimed that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is leading a group of “charlatans”, who are not fit to succeeed his uncle President Robert Mugabe, the Zanu pf veteran leader, during a public dialogue themed the “legacy of the heroes, challenges and opportunities for the youth” in Harare .
That aside for a moment, Jonathan Moyo had several ways of benefiting , including the fact that his father was killed by Mugabe’s Gukurahundi and his Tsholotsho constituency suffered heavy Ndebele civillian losses under gukurahundi.
Emmerson Mnangagwa was the Minister of state security and thus being in charge of particularly CIO , is known as the ‘ gukurahundi butcher’. Jonathan Moyo is in a subtle manner getting revenge for the victims of gukurahundi while helpin Grace Mugabe rise by protecting Mugabe.
LETS NOT FORGET that Moyo is the chief architect of AIPPA and POSA and the 2013 Zanu Pf campaign manifesto, all designed to protect Mugabe and save his own skin because of his bed hopping scandals having at one time been an ardent opponent of Mugabe and well documented in his anti Mugabe articles over Gukurahundi before hopping onto Zanu pf soon after gukurahundi.
Jonathan Moyo then attempted to launch Mnangagwa into power in the ‘Tsholotsho declaration’ which was designed to remove Mugabe from power.
He however managed to turn around the failed plot and endear himself to Mugabe as he is now an indispensable figure to Mugabe.
Jonathan Moyo is the reason why Mugabe who originally was heading to steeping down, managed to stay in power after Jonathan Moyo breathed life back into a dying out Mugabe and Zanu pf. he has further endeared himself to Mugabe now that he is further destroying Mnangagwa and at the same time he has saved his own skin, guaranteed himself af uture in a Zanu pf cabinet by defending First lady grace Mugabe, though its quite disconcerting that he is such a deceitful and dangerous element that if Zimbabwe’s continuously drop their guard, he could easily walk into State house one day as the next president of Zimbabwe,….anything is possible with Jonathan Moyo, you cant trust him!
Politics is a dirty game, I need the people of Zimbabwe to open their minds and look deeper into the issues at play and see the unfolding drama, the way it really is, based on these clues i have given you. Its unfortunate I cannot dwell on the issues as we have too much on the ground but I will keep you all updated because no other writer, paper or media has the ability to articulate the Zanu pf saga, the way I’m openly presenting it to you all through newzimbabwevision media platforms.
This might just be ‘POETIC JUSTICE!’ Gen Constantine Chiwenga is seen as the powerhouse behind Mugabe’s oppressive authority over Zimbabwe. We can reveal that General Constantine Chiwenga’s Econet number is 00263 772104589. This is an opportunity for Zimbabweans to speak their heart out. Avoid time wasting insults, but express your opinion and democratic demands especially if you are safely outside Zimbabwe.
The criminally constituted government of the Commander in Chief of Defence forces, President Robert Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats must be made aware that the people are tired of this Zanu pf circus and will not stand for further oppression by the despot led regime.
With respect to Oppressive authority, people don’t realise that Zimbabwe’s Permanent Secretary for Defence., who is the Principal Accounting Officer of the Ministry of defence MOD and therefore directly responsible for the distribution, use and accounting of all funds allocated to Zimbabwe’s Defence and also advising the Defence Minister of Zimbabwe on issues pertaining to administration and Defence Policy issues is Mr Martin Rushwaya.
Many would ask of what relevance is this? Hold that thought,..newzimbabwevision can now tell you that Martin Vice President Mnangagwa’s nephew and thats why the military is known to prefer Mnangagwa over the 93 year old Mugabe.
Remember VP Mnangagwa’s wife the ZANU PF MP for Chirumhanzu Zibagwe Parliamentary Seat and deputy secretary for environment and tourism in the politiburo Auxillia Mnangagwa succeeded her husband Emmerson to the Chirumhanzu Zibagwe Parliamentary Seat.
It is obvious that the Mnangagwa family and Mugabe’s Gushungo family are jostling for control of Zimbabwe and only death and destruction of one by the other could resolve the national crisis at hand. We need this to happen one way or another as the nation cannot afford to go beyond 2018 elections and still be stuck in apolitical impasse. Let them destroy each other and if need be, join any faction and fuel the factionalism and destruction. It does not matter who you join, just get in, fuel distrust and destroy the empire from the inside, for the people.
This is specifically why Mugabe recently warned that Army commanders should remain in the barracks and stay out of politics, interestingly after using them to oppress Zimbabweans for 37 years and launching his concubine to power.
Mugabe is now clearly in a state of panick because he realises that Mnangagwa has got him by the ‘balls’ and must be shut down at all costs or the dream of his wife First Lady Grace Mugabe succeeding him as the next president of Zimbabwe will never materialise.
Its interesting that Mugabe carried on with his speech giving while VP Phelekezela Mphoko was clearly not bothered as this unfolded, yet he is allegedly the man who knows exactly what happened to the missing activist and jourlist Itai Dzamara. The nation still wants answers and so does the Patson Dzamara, Itai Dzamara family! If he didn’t know it all along in 50 years of being in politics with Mugabe, he now knows fully well that Zanu pf are a blood thirsty party who will use you then spit you out like trash when they don’t need you.
Mnagagwa from Minister of state security and Justice Minister for Zimbabwe has overseen the death penalty and sent many to their death ‘constitutionally’ and overseen the disappearance of many opponents, activists and journalists and Zanu pf stalwarts over the last 37 years by Mugabe, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats and protected them from prosecution.
If any man has got all the files about Mugabe’s liberation war and peace crimes against humanity, it is Emmerson Mnangagwa hence the hustle and bustle in the ruling Zanu pf regime as people now position themselves to take over vacancies created as more people fall from Mugabe and Grace Mugabe’s favour. We all know we are heading towards that come the 2017 Zanu pf Annual December Conference,..brace yourselves!
. As long as the blood thirsty Zanu pf are killing each other, its ok, we will sit back and watch,..its free! I will continue revealing more contact details of these oppressors and breaking news for the people to speak their hearts out. ..More news to follow on newzimbabwevision media platforms. DISCUSS!…..By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Energy Mutodi, another Mnangagwa’s ally who was arrested a few days ago for his face book post on the succession issue

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