BREXIT: Rise In Racists Incidences, As People Confront Migrants, ‘We Voted To leave, Now You Leave As Well!’

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England’s future is certainly volatile as there are reports of a rise in racial vitriol reported online. Racist incidences and animosity towards immigrants,  are certainly on the rise, with people confronting migrants, declaring, ‘We Voted to leave the EU, now you leave as well!
South Korea reportedly will put in place a fiscal stimulus package of $17 billion to help cushion risks from corporate restructuring as external uncertainties grow with the U.K. ’s vote to leave the European Union.
David Cameron will meet other EU leaders today for the first time since the Brexit victory for the out campaign. He will meet EU leaders and heads of state to discuss the implications of the UKs exit from the European Union (EU)
The UK has been down graded on its AAA Financial rating by two ratings agencies, for the first time since 1978. The expected result is other agencies will look carefully at the situation before down grading the UKs financial status.
The EU keen to see the UK invoke Article 50 that will kick in the process of the UK’s exit, but the British prime Minister, has already stated that, in the interest of stability he will not rush out. The EU of course, are not prepared to enter into any negotiations with David Cameron as he, to them is not of any further relevance, therefore the EU now keenly await a new prime minister, who will have the mandate to invoke article 50′
While English is generally considered to be a global language of communication, Britain’s language, ‘ENGLISH’ could now, reportedly be banned from debate in the EU as the mother nation England are no longer part of the European Union.
Sterling and Bank stocks have currently been hammered as a result of the lack of confidence generated by the uncertainity, as no one knows where its safe enough to invest in the UK. The impact is that investors will probably look further out of Uk into the global village for secure investments.
There is turmoil in the UK political field. The Labour party will begin voting on a motion of a Vote of No Confidence against the  leadership of the Labour opposition.
Nominations for leadership of the Conservatives begin tomorrow. The Chancellor has ruled himself out of the leadership race as he deems himself unsuitable for moving the party forward, having all along campaigned for Staying In the EU, in the Brexit vote.
Leeds city bid to become Europe’s best city in 2023 is now in question after the Brexit.
 More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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