BULAWAYO, dog meat, now donkey abattoirs, Mugabe Zanu pf regime’s ‘Look East Policy’ brought dog and donkey meat delicacy,..welcome to Zimbabwe,..vote Mugabe!

The trade in donkey meat and donkey skins, mainly fuelled by China where the meat and skins are exported to, is resulting in a major loss of animal draft power in Africa where donkeys are a major family asset in rural areas. The cost of donkeys has risen as the number of animals drops and donkey theft is on the rise. Botswana and Burkina fasso are two African countries reportedly  already in the fight to stop the trade in donkey meat and products.
Unfortunately, in Zimbabwe, primarily driven by the Mugabe Zanu pf regime’s ‘Look East Policy’, dog meat and donkey meat are becoming a delicacy as newzimbabwevision recently revealed that the new development in the ‘dog meat eating’ Bulawayo community in which a US$150 000 donkey abattoir, is in construction in Waterford Bulawayo, is  set to to start operating by the end of the month.
It is estimated that the abattoir will dress an average of over 70 donkeys per day.
Donkey meat is a delicacy in the neighbouring country, Botswana just 100 km away and the abattoir owners, Battlefront Investments managing director, Mr Gareth Lumsden stated that his company is buying donkeys for slaughter from Gokwe, Plumtree, Gwanda and Gweru, all ready for slaughter to commence in the next three weeks.
Battlefront Investments , the donkey abattoir owners also own a total of four butcheries, three of which are located in Bulawayo whilst the fourth butchery is in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. The European Union (EU) should worry about ever opening up to Zimbabwe resupplying beef to the union as donkey meat could easily be passed on as beef. This reminds us of the horse meat scandals where massive amounts of horse meat were passed on from Europe to British supermarkets and sold on to unsuspecting consumers as beef products such as burgers and so forth.
The DISCERNING eye, www.newzimbabwevision.com asks, how often the same vehicles are used to move each type of livestock dead or alive, same abattoirs, refidgiration systems, canning, packaging and other services. Hmmn, if in Bulawayo, Bassop! That take away could be dog or donkey meat,..now I understand the derogatory term ..’Mandevere kuthanda nyama!’, Think about going vegetarian,..seriously, human body parts harvesting, now dog and donkey meat all happening koBulawayo,… I shall not speak! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.
photo-online-Nairobi news- Activities at Goldox Kenya Ltd, a donkey slaughterhouse in Mogotio, Baringo County.

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