Bulawayo Lupane Bus Passengers , Panic As Zim Woman’s Snake Pops Out Of Suitcase

COUNTRY bus travelers from Bulawayo to Lupane screamed for help in panic when a  snake peeped out of a suitcase for some fresh air.

According to a source that was aboard the chicken bus (name supplied) a woman in her early 40s had with her, a black suitcase which she constantly checked on probably concerned about her package.

Her antics caught the attention of nearby passengers of the 70-seater bus. She would zip and unzip at intervals.

While doing her routine checks a snake reared its feared head driving passengers into fright.

“She was seated at the back seat and I was two seats ahead of her. I heard people screaming about the snake when we were approaching St Luke’s hospital. She told everyone to calm down and she disembarked when the bus stopped,” the source said.
The screams could have upset the snake as such lead to a dangerous situation.

B-Metro tracked down the woman at the centre of the snake issue. She identified herself as  Norita Dube.

She said she was resident in Tsholotsho but had travelled to  Lupane on a mission.

“I didn’t know that it was a snake. I was only sent to deliver the goods by Nyoni, SekaNo. He is in South Africa and he sent me to deliver the goods to his wife at Ndengwende village,” she said.

It could not be established what kind of a snake it was.
Source: b-metro

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