BULAWAYO MAN (26) SLAUGHTERED AND BRAAIED HIS DOG in full view of his neighbours, whom he also threatened with a similar fate.

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BULAWAYO MAN (26) SLAUGHTERED AND BRAAIED HIS DOG in full view of his neighbours, whom he also threatened with a similar fate.

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According to sources a drunk Jacob Mwanza (picture 1), popularly known as “Nyaguza”, had a tendency of not only patting his dog, but fondling it as well. He also told his neighbours that one day he would slaughter his dog commonly known as My Lady.

Bulawayo is well known for its strange culinary choices.
he speed of changes in Zimbabwe is now shocking, after newzimbabwevision revealed in 2017 that Bulawayo residents had been buying and eating dog meat sold by a man who would dig up dogs dumped by the council and slaughter the carcasses behind NRZ rail sheds in Bulawayo.

Bulawayo residents frequently purchased ‘lovely’ meat cuts from a homeless Bulawayo man, Mr Ndebele who sold dog meat undetected for six months before his unorthodox trade was unravelled.

Following this, a Bulawayo based company, Battlefront Investments was in the process of building a US$150 000 donkey abattoir,..yes donkey abbattoir in Waterford Bulawayo to dress an average of more than 70 donkeys per day. Donkey meat is a delicacy just 100 km away from Bulawayo, in Botswana.

Battlefront Investments managing director, Mr Gareth Lumsden says his company is currently purchasing for slaughter from Gokwe, Plumtree, Gwanda and Gweru to commence in the next three weeks. Battlefront Investments also owns a total of four butcheries, three located in Bulawayo and one Butchery in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe.

The government of Zimbabwe is said to have given blessings to the donkey abattoir after the donkey abattoir in Botswana was recently closed down as locals complained about the high level of donkey theft in Botswana.

Picture 3-Zimbabwean serial killer Rodney Tongai Jindu , would kill his victims, his friends Mboneli Joko Ncube and Cyprian Kudzurunga and being another Bulawayo criminal who again had strange culinary tastes, would eat their brains and livers. Jindu shot Kadzurunga and buried him in a shallow grave in Burnside, Bulawayo, sent messages to the deceased’s mum pretending to have suddenly left Zimbabwe.

The serial killer Jindu also shot Ncube, dismembered him and buried him in four shallow graves on the Burnside plot while some of the parts were burnt.

Jindu said he hired two men to assist him to dispose of the bodies.

In his defence through his lawyer, Mr Tanaka Muganyi of Tanaka Law Chambers, Jindu claimed that he was intoxicated when he committed the offences after allegedly taking heroin and methamphetamine. Doctors deemed him fully mentally fit to stand trial and subsequently Jindu was convicted of murder with actual intent and sentenced to death, however Zimbabwe has not carried out an execution since 2005 primarily because even thouth the job has a package that includes housing ,car, and salary,Zimbabweans are scared of ‘legally’ ending criminals lives, yet the same people happily murder innocent victims ,..Interesting!

I can only say that it probably is not in anyone’s business interest to run normal butcheries and then at the same time operate alternative meat sales such as donkey or dog meat because to the discerning eye, one asks, how often the same vehicles are used to move each type of livestock dead or alive, same abattoirs, refidgiration systems, canning, packaging and other services. Hmmn, if in Bulawayo, Bassop! That take away could be dog or donkey meat,..now I understand the derogatory term ..’Mandevere kuthanda nyama!’, Think about going vegetarian,..seriously, human body parts harvesting, now dog and donkey meat all happening koBulawayo,… I shall not speak! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

see more at http://newzimbabwevision.com/bulawayo-man-26-slaughtered-a…/

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picture 1 Jacob Mwanza , popularly known as “Nyaguza

picture 2–the homeless Bulawayo man, Mr Ndebele who sold dog meat undetected for six in Bulawayo.

Picture 3-Zimbabwean serial killer Rodney Tongai Jindu

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