Bulawayo Man Tells Court, That ‘Mugabe’ Is Stalking His Wife

A Bulawayo man claimed in court that his ex-tenant Emmanuel Mugabe is stalking his wife to the extent that he fears losing her to him.

Khulisani Mpofu said Mugabe is keen on snatching his wife as a way of ‘fixing’ him for evicting him from his house.

According to B-Metro, Mugabe is always visiting Mpofu’s house while he is away telling her that Mpofu is having an affair.

“Emmanual Mugabe is my former tenant and is very violent. At one time he destroyed my property while assaulting me after I had confronted him on why he was stalking my wife,’ said Mpofu in court.

“He is in the habit of visiting my house during my absence to see my wife telling her that I am in love with another woman”.

“He is also telling her that I am not man enough and it was better for her to move in with him or look for another man. Because of his frequent visits to my place I am afraid of losing my wife to him,’.

However, in court, Mugabe rubbished Mpofu’s narration.

” I never went to his place of residence from that day (July 5) he evicted me  but his wife is the one who is always coming to me prodding me to find out if her husband was dating another woman,’ said Mugabe.

“In fact I knew his girlfriend but I never introduced her to his wife despite her spirited requests for me to do so,”.

Magistrate Evylene Mashavakure dismissed Mpofu’s story saying   there was no evidence that Mugabe was disturbing his peace. Source: B-Metro

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