Bulawayo prophet, founder and leader of Eagle Life Assembly Church gives 25 prophecies,..NONSENSE, WAKE UP ZIMBABWE!

Bulawayo based prophet  and founder and leader of Eagle Life Assembly Church Blessing Chiza has said God handed him a massive 25  prophecies which include a rise in sex workers in the next two year in Zimbabwe.

According to Chiza, people should not be in a habit of taking bank loans as they will struggle to repay.

However, most banks are recording high defaults in loan repayment.

Below are some of his prophecies:

— Sex workers shall be too many in the next two years. Prostitutes will be spreading serious STDs, charging as low as 5 rand per hour. Many men will fall including born again Christians. Many roads in town will be full of prostitutes to the extent that even police will fail to stop them. A lot of men will die all over the world. There will be few men on earth in the next five-10 years. The demon to destroy men will increase. Pornography will increase even in newspapers. Men pray! Women will be sending n*ked selfies to men, even church women.

— 2017 and 2018: Do not take a loan from a bank, you won’t be able to pay it even if you are offered on a silver platter, it’s not favour but it’s a curse: you will lose your house, marriage if you take it. Especially businesspeople, this is for Christians. Pray for a capital that comes from God, not a bank loan.

— Those in gold: prices will increase. People in gold are going to cash in money, there is a miracle that will happen in the gold index, and it will rise.

— There are machines that have been pilfered into Zimbabwe, they are already in Bulawayo, Masvingo, Harare, these machines are making fake US-dollars and fake bond notes. Already the money has been made but it will be released in January. Many people will lose money, even some police are involved. Be careful!

The economy will drastically change after the 2018 elections. There will be people prospering by God’s principles in 2017.

— I see in the spirit a serious wave of pastors getting involved in politics. Even campaigning for political parties. Is this of God? Yes, it’s of God. There will be two kinds of churches, the one on its knees and the other demonstrating in the streets.

— Let’s pray I see three serious air crashes, in Europe, Asia and Africa March, April, November, December, one was carrying more than 300 people.

— I see three spray bullet shooting and a bomb blast in America and Europe; one will claim more than 70 people in 3 minutes.

In states that start with an M, W.

— Increase of the spirit of gays but unchecked and underground. Many married people will be having double marriages; one normal and the other one homosexual. Pray against this spirit.

— I saw on front pages of newspapers, big or small/mini-buses accidents. It’s a spirit that has been released on buses. There will be many head on collisions. I saw a school bus carrying children with over 70 children to 100. Pray against the spirit of bus accidents.

— I saw a critical drug shortage that hit hospitals in Zimbabwe in 2017.

— Two Asian nations will be struck with serious earthquakes, I saw New Zealand with two serious earthquakes within 24 months.

— I see spirit of suicide rising in Zimbabwe and South Africa and some areas in Botswana but more in Zim and SA. Some will jump out of cars, bumping oncoming traffic and some hanging themselves, some consuming dangerous poisons mostly will be caused by love related issues.

— I saw a bird that landed on an airport and started releasing dwarfs in tattered cloths and they started jumping into the hearts of people, there will be an increase of the spirit of stealing. Don’t leave your house unattended in 2017. Make sure there are people watching over it. I saw it operating in properties especially land, stands, houses people being duped.

— I saw Zim trying to come out of the cash crisis but struggling, there will be an increase in plastic money use.

— I see bogus police rising in 2017 and duping people of a lot of money. Check their deeds, they will increase drastically. Pray against this spirit of poverty.

— Active politics will be dangerous, the coming elections will be the hottest ever. Mind who you trust and what you say. Many people will lose their lives. End of 2017 there will be a door that will seemingly show most politicians that anyone can be president. There will be a big delay before the results are released in 2018.

— A lot of money will come to the Christians, Christians using spiritual principles will prosper such as tithing, giving, studying the Word, Fasting and Praying.

— Men will be entered by a spirit of rape. The spirit of lust will be rife. Prisons will be full of rape cases. Men, pray holding your eyes.

— Men of God will be very rich, even governments will borrow from Christians. The money will be primarily for the gospel.

God is saying the church will be rich. I see a hand pushing money into the church.

— I see a top key politician dying in 2017 and in a coffin in Zimbabwe and this shall shake a certain political party. It’s a very key person and a high profile. Pray!

— I see a top popular musician dying in this nation. Pray.

— I see serious confusion in the political world in Zimbabwe 2017 and 2018 in a number of political parties like never before.

— I see the economy of Zimbabwe; it will be so so, follow Christ, financial Biblical principles. It will not be bad, neither good.

Source – Byo24News

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