Bulawayo State House, Presidential Guards House Hunt & Torture (PDP) Rally Attendees In Saurstown

Dear Colleagues

Following the district rallies held by the party on Sunday the 6th of March 2016 in Byo, the members of the Presidential Guard stationed at the Byo State House have taken upon themselves to go around Saurstown suburb fishing out all those individuals who attended the party meeting at Hide Out Hall and beating them.

Two women were tortured and had their dresses torn up by the soldiers. They were insulted for turning byo central constituency into a PDP territory.

Three men were forced to admit that they attended a meeting that was addressed by Biti, Sipepa, Matibenga and Gorden where Mugabe was insulted. These men were forced to do some press ups before they were kicked on their bumbs.

All these victims of the soldiers narrated their ordeal to their councilor Mrs Mataka-Moyo. They also reported to their district leaders.

PDP would like to condemns in no uncertain terms these barbaric acts of violence and intimidation by the military establishment.

PDP is seriously considering taking a legal route against Minister of Defence Sydney Sekaramayi, General Chiwenga and the Commander of the Presidential Guard based in Byo State House in line with the provisions of the constitution which prohibit the members of the security forces from participating in partisan politics.

Dr Gorden Moyo

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