BULAWAYO WATER supply dams face decommisioning and a the city will endure punishing 24 to potential 72 hour water shedding schedules

Zimbabwe’s second largest city, ‘Bulawayo’ is facing a major water crisis as supplies are fast running dry.
The city’s water supply is drawn from six dams, which are Upper and Lower Ncema, Inyankuni, Umzingwane, Mtshabezi, and Insiza however the levels have dropped below 30% dam cumulative capacity, raising warning flags to the city fathers.
The city now stands at just three weeks left before a punishing 24-hour water shedding schedule, is implemented however Bulawayo council has issued a warning, that they may actually implement a 48-hour water shedding schedule if Bulawayo residents fail to conserve the limited water supplies and could even be stretched to 72 hours at a time if the situation deteriorates further .
Previously, in 2013, Bulawayo residents would face punishing four day stretches at a time without each week
It is only on Sundays that Residents will be exempt from water shedding while Bulawayo central business district will not have water will be fully exempt from the water shedding daily.
So far, due to the water crisis, one of the supply dams, Upper Ncema has already been decommissioned while as second dam, Umzingwane is targeted to be decommissioned within two months time. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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