BULAWAYO WHITE CITY STADIUM BOMBING, -41 INJURED President Emmerson Mnangagwa has assured the nation that the Zimbabwe government will not implement a state of emergency after the Bulawayo White City stadium bombing

BULAWAYO WHITE CITY STADIUM BOMBING, -41 INJURED President Emmerson Mnangagwa has assured the nation that the Zimbabwe government will not implement a state of emergency after the Bulawayo White City stadium bombing in a failed assassination attempt.

WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION says, people must not underestimate the damage caused, because it could easily be a device that was meant to cause maximum damage, but failed to fully discharge on detonation. This is normal of home made bombs, we have seen it happen in the first world on planes and trains and, therefore, let no one underestimate what the intention was, had the bomb done exactly what it was meant to do.

Always imagine, that people who can do such evil things can bring down a plane, not only killing those on board, but also innocent people on the ground, take out atrain or road bridge, blow up a train or bus, shopping mall or other public gathering.
It is reported that, at least 41 people were injured in yesterday’s bombing , close to president Mnangagwa and Vice presidents Chiwenga and Mohadi.

Investigations are ongoing and no arrests have been made, but the Mnangagwa regime has assured the people that elections will be held as planned on 30 July 2018.

Cyril Ramaphosa the South African president and chairperson of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) ha said that SADC will evaluate the incident and take appropriate steps, clearly demonstrating that the incident has rocked the whole world which was looking positively at Zimbabwe’s transition all along from the Mugabe era.

The NCA presidential candidate and constitutional law expert, Professor Lovemore Madhuku has called for the Mnangagwa Zimbabwe, Zanu pf regime to provide security for all presidential candidates in the forth coming harmonised general elections in light o f yesterday’s bombing at a Zanu-PF rally at White City Stadium in Bulawayo.

It is reported that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was not injured but the incident caused at lest 41 people to be injured including Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s wife Mrs Mary Chiwenga, Zanu-PF National Political Commissar Engelbert Rugeje , Zimbabwe’s Vice President Kembo Mohadi; the Zanu-PF National Chairperson Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri; Zanu-PF Secretary for Women Affairs Mabel Chinomonand three ZBC staffers who were covering the rally.

What Zimbabweans should realise is that, this was a deliberate act of terrorism, meant to discredit the harminised general election by killing presidential candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The law stipulates that , an election exercise has to be cancelled, in the event that a presidential candidate is killed, and consequently, the nomination court must sit again so, while ever the presidential candidates are left exposed to such dangers, Zimbabwe is at risk of any of them being killed and elections being suspended and this is why Professor Lovemore Madhuku is calling for Mnangagwa’s government o provide security to all candidates.

HARARE U.S. Embassy has tweeted the following, over teh Bulawayo White City stadium bombing.

We condemn e attack at e ZANU-PF rally in Byo this afternoon. Political violence in any form is unacceptable & contrary 2 e positive progress required 2 move Zim forward as it seeks 2 take its place on the global stage. Our thoughts & prayers go out 2 e victims & their families.

IT is quite ominous, that Mnangagwa’s Zanu pf, military regime is accusing the MDC T opposition-controlled Bulawayo City council of sabotaging its Bulawayo campaign rally at White City Stadium through cutting off water supplies to the rally venue, therefore in their view. Bulawayo city council had deliberately cut off water at the venue as a way of sabotage.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa cemented this belief when he said; “The power of the councillors and that of council comes from the people. “So, you are the people and they deny you water, yet you are the people who put them in council. What nonsense is this? Remove them from power.”

Lest you forget, gukurahundi was triggered in simple manner in the early eighties, through an ‘arms cache ‘ allegedly at a Zapu farm, then Mnangagwa Zanu pf , CIO, securocrats , Mugabe and the military led by the Fifth Brigade under Mugabe’s nephew Perrance Shiri, while Bulawayo 1 Brigade under Chiwenga provided logistics and a launch base for all gukurahundi operations across Matebeleland.

It comes as no surprise that two key people to the loss of blood by Bulawayo. Matebeleland people, their relatives, parents, families and other whose skeletons lie in piles of unmarked, never acknowledged graves in mine shafts and caves, were the target of Saturday’s bombing. Remeber Bulawayo is the heart of the controversial secessionist group, the Mthwakazi party advocating for a matebeleland state and the coronation of the Ndebele King, while Bulawayo is run by the defiant Chamisa led MDCT opposition.

To the Discerning eye, this is quite unsettling,….Mnangagwa and Chiwenga may publicly give an image of, all is well, but lets remember the two, are the key people behind the November coup that removed Mugabe from power, and the Permanat Secretary for defence, martin Rushwaya, is Mnangagwa’s nephew, his sister’s son.

We can all expect a major reshuffle of the security chiefs, particularly in the military, CIO, presidential guard and the police, as Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats, along with the military, ring fence the president and his vice presidents….I’m saying nothing, wake up Zimbabwe, , watch this space!More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-Cyril Ramaphosa South Africa president

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