Bulawayo Women In #BeatThePot Protest, Against Mugabe

 Pastor Evan Mawarire’s #ThisFlag protest in Zimbabwe has galvanised Zimbabweans against the oppressive, 92 year old despot Mugabe and his Zanu PF party, who have led the nation into a debilitating economy.
Unemployment has sky rocketed to an unprecedented level of 90%, in a climate where the government’s Service Delivery in Housing, Health care, Education, Clean water reticulation, Electricity amongst many other issues have totally failed.
At this present moment, Zimbabweans are worried that the shortage of cash in banks and the government’s plan to introduce ‘Bond Notes’ or ‘posh toilet paper’ is yet again another government plan to scam the people out of their hard earned cash as happened in the past when the Zimbabwe dollar collapsed.

Now Bulawayo women have joined the growing protests as multitudes, on Saturday, marched, in what is termed the #BeatThePotcampaign, where they no longer use pots for cooking but march up and down streets banging them noisily with sticks or other utensils.

The protesting Bulawayo women, have threatened to stand their ground, by continuously conducting the #BeatThePotcampaign, until President Robert Mugabe. the man at the helm of Zimbabwe’s collapse, steps down from power.
Because the MDC T opposition, organised the streets were bathed in red colours, the MDC T party colours as women marched in protest across Bulawayo city centre as they fearlessly chanted  “Mugabe must go,”  in the full presence of the brutal ‘black boots’ or Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) anti-riot police force.in Zimbabwe’s economic and political crisis.
This all rides on the back of  Pastor Evan Mawarire’s widely successful #ThisFlag protest. The nation is no longer fearful of the regime as other protests such as   #Tajamuka, Sesijikile, #PeoplePower campaigns are all gaining ground in a massive force against the oppressive Mugabe. In other words, the momentum is unstoppable until change comes at whatever cost as Zimbabweans are now fearless. By Sibusio Ngwenya.
photo-bulawayo24-Bulawayowomen in  #BeatThePotcampaign.

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